An issue worth remembering: disrespect for Spain is not allowed here

There are certain things that I think it is worth remembering, in view of certain customs that have spread among many Spaniards when it comes to speaking.

Counting Stars is a Spanish blog. Spain is my Homeland. If I don't like something about what is happening in Spain, I criticize that something, but it doesn't occur to me to offend all of Spain, because I owe my Homeland respect. And of course, I demand that same respect in the blog comments.

Counting Stars has very clear participation rules that do not allow offensive comments. And this includes offenses against Spain, and I care very little if they are offenses from people who hate Spain or outbursts from people who claim to be patriots but feel low esteem for their country.

Of course, there is freedom of expression and, as long as the limits established by law are not violated, whoever wishes can write this type of message on a multitude of far-left and separatist websites, where surely the they will be welcomed, but not on a website that I support with my money. Disrespect for Spain is not allowed here, and this is something that I am not going to discuss with anyone by email or by any other way.

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