The cocktail of manipulation and sectarianism that keeps support for PSOE high

The cause of the success of the lies of Pedro Sánchez and the accomplices of the deception

We live in times where it seems that the truth no longer exists, where opinions matter more than facts and everything can be manipulated.

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What the facts say about the economic situation in Spain

However, the truth exists and the facts are final. According to Eurostat data, Spain is the country with the highest unemployment rate in the European Union (12.8%; the average in the euro area is 6.6 %) and the second with the most youth unemployment (29.3%, only four tenths below the first, which is Greece). Likewise, Spain is the fourth country in the EU with the highest percentage of public debt, which already reaches 113.2% of national GDP, almost 30 points above the EU average, which is at 84%. Likewise, Spain is the EU country with higher percentage of population at risk of poverty (even if we discount the population that receives social assistance) and the only European country that has not recovered pre-pandemic wealth levels.

The cynical self-promotion of the Pedro Sánchez government

However, and despite these data, the Spanish do not stop listening to self-promoting messages from the government. A few days ago, in Congress, Sánchez assured that our economy is doing "good progress" and launched into boasting about the situation in our country. It seems like a bad joke, but in reality it is a manipulation, the purpose of which is to keep many of the voters of the left installed in a fictional world even though their daily reality indicates otherwise. . And that manipulation succeeds.

The high support that the PSOE continues to receive in the pollss

Just review the latest electoral polls. If we discard the data from the Sociological Research Center (CIS), dependent on the government and which already lacks all credibility due to its repeated manipulations, so far in April the polls give the PSOE between 21.9 and 27 4% of the votes, placing the Popular Party in first position. The news is not that the polls show the PSOE as the loser, but that there are still millions of Spaniards thinking of voting for those who caused our economic ruin.

The responsibility of the media

How is this possible? Are left-wing voters masochists? Without ruling out that some are, the main cause must be found in the government's lies and how they are transmitted by many media outlets. Faced with the installation of a part of society in relativistic thinking, in the idea that the truth no longer exists and that everything depends on the point of view of each person, many media outlets reproduce the government's lies in an completely uncritical, without pointing out the contrast between those statements and our economic reality.

Our government has adapted to the comfortable situation of the media not discussing their lies and limiting themselves to propagating them, a servile way of doing journalism that is being fed with millions of dollars of institutional advertising. So,if the unemployment data is scandalous, it is enough for the government to say that everything is going very well for a false statement to weigh the same as a fact, because many media outlets publish them at the same level, contributing to the confusion between the wishes of the government and reality.

The accentuated political sectarianism of left-wing voters

However, some media are not the only ones responsible. Many voters prefer to be told what they want to hear rather than being told the truth. This has been helped by the promotion by the left of a Manichaean vision of politics, which has led many to assume the false idea that being on the left makes you a good person and being on the right is synonymous with evil. There are many who have assumed this sectarian vision of politics, and this leads them to believe that "the good people" (the left) cannot lie to them, and that the only ones who lie are "the bad people" (the right), although reality coincides with their claims.

This political sectarianism, especially accentuated on the left -which is the margin that has contributed the most to generating this sectarianism-, causes many voters to lock themselves in a media bubble in which the perception they have of the reality is distorted by the bias of pro-government media. Even if they accept the fact that the government is a bad manager,they will always have the consolation of preferring a bad manager over hateful people who are suspected of being fascists, racists, homophobes, sexists and others adjectives that leftist propaganda systematically associates with any discourse that contradicts its ideological dogmas.

This explains why despite the economic disaster caused by the Sánchez government, the left still has such a notable percentage of support in the polls. And will continue to have it. Many Spaniards have been bombarded for decades by propaganda that nullifies their critical sense and makes them incapable of assuming reality every time the left does something wrong. Even if all of the Spanish media suddenly assumed the critical role they must play in a democracy, it would be years before those leftists began to accept reality and realize the deception to which they have been subjected.


Photo: PSOE.

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