The footage shows some of the materials this unit uses

A spectacular video of the Airborne Regiment of the Czech Army

Multimedia material is of great importance when disseminating the work of the Armed Forces of a country, especially on the Internet.

The first of the Leopard 2A4 tanks that Germany has delivered to the Czech Republic
The main battle tanks and other vehicles that the Czech Republic is sending to Ukraine

Today I want to congratulate the Czech Army, and particularly its 43rd Airborne Regiment, for the excellent video posted by this unit two months ago. It is a cinematographic quality video available in 4K resolution, which serves to show the public the work of this unit founded in 2020 from the 43rd Airborne Battalion, whose origins date back to 1947:

The video begins with one of the Mil Mi-171 of the Czech Air Force (as in Poland, in the Czech Republic they call the whole of the Armed Forces "Czech Army", and "Land Force" to what other countries call Army). This year the Czech Air Force expects to receive UH-1Y Venom helicopters, but will continue to operate the Mil Mi-171 after a modernization process. In addition, the Czech Air Force also has six CASA C-295M for the air transport of airborne troops.

A mortar battery of the 43rd Airborne Regiment. What we see are Expal 81-MK2-KM 81mm mortars made in Spain. This model has a normal range of 5,500 and can be driven up to 6,900 meters, according to highlights the Regiment.

A team of select marksmen. Rifle pictured is American Desert Tech SRS with suppressor. The SRS is a Bullpup type weapon (with the magazine behind the pistol grip) available in several calibers.

We end with an image of the Regiment's Land Rover Defender 130 Kajman, a version of the veteran British vehicle specifically designed for airborne troops and special operations.

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