One of the detainees in this case is a councilor to the government of Melilla

Morocco and the purchase of votes in Melilla: the CNI has something more than mere suspicions

The Spanish city of Melilla is at the center of a new illegal vote buying scandal, which has already led to arrests.

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The links of the detainees with a Muslim party

The Spanish National Police have arrested a councilor to the government of Melilla and number three on the list of the Coalition for Melilla (CpM), a Muslim party born in 1995 as a split from the Socialist Party (PSOE) , for the May 28 elections. According to Europa Press, all the detainees are linked to that party. Let's remember that in 2021, the Supreme Court sentenced the president of CpM, Mustafá Aberchán, to two years in prison for the crime of forgery and electoral crimes in voting by mail, in relation to another illegal vote-buying scandal that occurred in the 2008 general elections.

Vox denounced the fraud before the European Parliament

A few days ago, Vox pointed out the possible influence of Morocco in this new scandal of vote buying. This Monday, Vox denounced that case before the Special Commission on Foreign Interference of the European Parliament, noting that the National Intelligence Center (CNI) together with the authorities in charge of enforcing the law, are investigating the possible involvement of Morocco in this scandal: "The suspicions of the CNI and the Spanish authorities suggest that Morocco is trying to promote the Coalition for Melilla in these elections, since the party promotes Moroccan interests in the autonomous city", the Vox delegation in the European Parliament said.

The CNI detected meetings between the orbit of CpM and the Moroccan government

Today we already know that the CNI has more than suspicions: the newspaper El Mundo published last night that strong>the Spanish intelligence service detected several trips to the neighboring country prior to the vote-by-mail fraud in Melilla. The news item states that during the surveillance carried out in Melilla, the CNI detected "meetings between the orbit of CPM and people linked to the government of Mohamed VI, the content of which has not been disclosed". El Mundo also points out that the CNI notified the information services of the Civil Guard and the National Police Corps.

Morocco's previous illegal interference in European politics

The involvement of the Moroccan regime in this case would explain the origin of the large sums of money necessary to carry out this vote buying . It would also not be the first Moroccan interference in the European political sphere resorting to illegal methods: let us remember the recent bribery scandal in the European Parliament in which Morocco is implicated and the information that points to that African country as possible author of spying on several members of the Spanish government, just before Pedro Sánchez gave a radical shift in Spanish policy on Western Sahara, a shift that could be related to blackmail by Morocco in based on the information obtained with the spying on Sánchez's mobile.

12 Socialist Party fiefs are also under suspicion

Seeing what is happening in that Spanish city, it is worth remembering that CpM is part of a coalition government in Melilla of which the PSOE is a partner, whose former president in that city was also sentenced to two years in prison for electoral fraud in the 2008 general elections. It is worth wondering if other places in Spain could be affected by similar scandals. Yesterday, the newspaper El Debate pointed out that applications for postal voting have skyrocketed in 12 PSOE strongholds. It was precisely this atypical increase in applications to vote by mail that raised suspicions of fraud in Melilla. Are those 12 socialist fiefdoms also going to be investigated?


Photo: Efe.

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