The Spanish government yields to Mohamed VI in a scandalous way

Pedro Sánchez, Morocco and Islamism: a relationship that endangers Spain and the EU

These days there is much talk about the high-level visit of Pedro Sánchez and several of his ministers to Morocco, due to the rudeness of King Mohamed VI.

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The rudeness of Mohamed VI to Spain

Controversy has erupted around the sudden refusal of the king of Morocco to receive the president of the Spanish government, a refusal communicated by phone hours before the start of a trip scheduled for months. In that phone call, and according to the Spanish government, Mohamed VI summoned Sánchez to an upcoming visit to Morocco if he wanted to see him, and his interlocutor accepted. The Moroccan king's rudeness has been interpreted as diplomatic contempt for Spain, no matter how much the Spanish government has tried to play it down, in a new gesture of weakness.

These gestures of weakness by Spain have been the usual tonic of relations between the two countries since the mandate of José María Aznar, the last one who was able to show strength against Morocco by sending the Spanish Army to recover the islet de Perejil in July 2002 after that Spanish territory was occupied by the Moroccan military. Subsequent governments have allowed themselves to be blackmailed by Morocco and its use of immigration as a weapon, yielding to these blackmails with millions of sums paid by all Spaniards.

Sánchez's loans to Morocco and a possible case of Moroccan espionage

This policy of giving in to Morocco has reached its most humiliating extreme with the current president of the Spanish government. In March 2022, suddenly, Sánchez betrayed 46 years of Spanish foreign policy by conceding to Morocco in its claims over the Sahara, a betrayal that also affects the foreign policy of the European Union.

This decision, adopted by Sánchez himself without giving any convincing explanation and without counting on either the parliamentary opposition or his own government partners, has led to suspicions, above all after learning that Sánchez's cell phone was spied on with a system, the Pegasus, which, according to The Guardian newspaper in May of last year, was used by Morocco to spy on 200 mobile phones in Spain.

The attitude of the Spanish socialist government towards Morocco only fuels suspicions of this espionage. A few days ago, Spanish socialist MEPs distanced themselves from their own rank and file mates to vote in defense of Morocco in the face of a European resolution condemning the repression against journalists by the Moroccan regime. All this while the the scandal involving Morocco in paying bribes to politicians in the European Parliament.

The dangerous weakness of Sánchez and Moroccan control over hundreds of mosques

It must be said that the blackmail hypothesis and the bribery hypothesis would be the least bad when analyzing the behavior of the Spanish government, because the most alarming thing would be to find out that Sánchez is giving in to Morocco on a simple whim. Whatever the cause of his increasingly scandalous capitulations to a corrupt and unscrupulous regime like that of Mohamed VI, what is clear is that the weakness that Sánchez is showing endangers Spain and the entire Union Union, not only because the southern border of the EU is in Spanish hands, but also because in the second half of this year Spain will assume the presidency of the Council of the EU, and if nothing avoids it, it will be Sánchez who assumes that presidency.

Sánchez's weakness on this issue is especially dangerous if we take into account that Morocco controls the vast majority of mosques in Ceuta and Melilla and hundreds of mosques in the rest of Spain, a control that is exercised through the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of the Moroccan monarchy. Let us remember that the king of Morocco also has the status of prince of believers among Muslims, so his blackmailing attitude not only affects immigration policy, but also a religious sphere of the one that many Islamic extremists come out willing to kill in the name of Allah, such as the Moroccan who committed the attacks on churches recently in Algeciras, attacks that resulted in one person being murdered.

Exporting Morocco's Muslim religious intolerance to Spain

Let us also remember that currently Morocco ranks 29th among the 50 countries that most persecute Christians, with a total of 31,400 people in that country, 0.1% of the population. The situation experienced by this religious minority in Morocco is that of a dictatorship without religious freedom: "If Christians tell others about their faith, they risk being arrested and prosecuted", the NGO Open Doors says. "In some circumstances, Christians are arrested and fined for the mere fact of having a Bible in their possession or for discussing the Christian faith with a Muslim." An intolerance which is very common in Islamic countries and which Morocco could be exporting to Spain with its control over those mosques.

It is alarming to think that the millionaire amounts that Sánchez is donating to Morocco can be used so that that country can control more and more mosques in Spanish territory, increasing the presence of Islamic fundamentalism in Spain and creating the ideal situation to carry out more blackmail in order to obtain more money and more assignments. It is a clearly suicidal policy that subordinates the interests of Spain to those of Morocco. And in a few months it will not only be the interests of Spain that will be subordinated to the whims of Mohamed VI, but those of the entire European Union. Neither Spain nor the EU should be in the hands of a man who allows himself to be blackmailed so easily, because his ultimate goal is to stay in power at any cost.

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