5,621 Christians were murdered for their faith worldwide in 2022

The 7 communist and 36 Islamic regimes that most persecute Christians in 2023

Communist totalitarianism and Islamic fundamentalism repeat one more year as the main causes of persecution for Christians in the world.

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Persecution against Christians "has grown exponentially" in the last 30 years

It is a persecution that "has grown exponentially" in the last 30 years. It is the time that the Christian NGO Puertas Abiertas has been making its annual reports on the persecution of Christians in the world. This year's report was published today and shows very alarming data:

  • 5,621 Christians were killed because of their faith around the world in 2022.
  • 4,542 Christians were arrested because of their faith in the last twelve months.
  • 2,110 Christian churches were attacked in the past year.
  • 360 million Christians suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination because of their faith. Already in the first 50 countries alone, 312 million Christians currently suffer very high or extreme levels of persecution.
  • In 1993, Christians faced high-to-extreme level of persecution in 40 countries; by 2023, this number has nearly doubled to 76 countries.
  • 2 out of 5 Christians are persecuted in Asia, being the continent most hostile to Christians because of communism (in North Korea, China, Laos and Vietnam), the Islam and Hindu nationalism.
  • 1 in 15 Christians are persecuted in Latin America, where communism (Cuba and Nicaragua) has become a growing cause of this persecution.
  • 1 in 5 Christians is persecuted in Africa, where the main cause of persecution is Islam.

China's dictatorship is forging a global alliance to redefine human rights

Open Doors has warned that China's communist dictatorship "is forging a global alliance of nations that seek to redefine human rights away from civil rights and religious freedoms. Dissenting voices, such as those of Christians, are persecuted as "rioters" or even "terrorists". Christian NGO notes that "China has clamped down further on Christians , introducing radical new regulations on the use of the Internet by churches."

North Korea reaches "the highest levels of persecution in its history"

The NGO also denounces that the North Korean communist dictatorship "returns to first place, with the highest levels of persecution in its history. The rise comes after a new wave of arrests in virtue of his recent «Law against reactionary thought»", a vocabulary significantly very similar to that used by the left in the West to incite hatred against Christians.

The anti-Christian genocide that Islamism is perpetrating in Nigeria

Open Doors also raises the alarm about the anti-Christian genocide being perpetrated in Nigeria: "Religiously motivated killings in Nigeria have risen from 4,650 last year to 5,014, a staggering 89% of the international total Hundreds of thousands have been forced to be displaced internally or become refugees. This year violence has also flooded the south of the country, which is traditionally Christian." The NGO denounces that "violence is only a part of the equation, with extreme Islamization putting extreme pressure on Christians in their daily lives", all while the Nigerian government, led by Muslim Muhammadu Buhari, < em>"he continues to deny that it is religious persecution, so the violation of the rights of Christians is carried out with impunity."

There are 7 communist dictatorships among the 50 countries that persecute Christians the most

In the list published by Puertas Abiertas includes 7 communist dictatorships: North Korea (position 1), Eritrea (4), China (16), Vietnam (25), Cuba (27), Laos (31) and Nicaragua (50), which enters with force on this persecution list (he was not on last year's). These seven countries have a population of 1,556 million people, which is almost a fifth of the world population. The most alarming thing is that one of those countries, the People's Republic of China, is a permanent member of the UN Security Council with the right of veto.

Islam is the main cause of persecution in 37 countries

Likewise, many countries with an Islamic majority appear once again on the world list of persecution. There are 8 among those where Christians suffer extreme persecution: Somalia (2), Yemen (3), Afghanistan (9), Libya (5), Nigeria (6), Pakistan (7) , Iran (8) and Sudan (10).

In addition, there are 28 other countries with an Islamic majority where Christians suffer very high levels of persecution: Syria (12), Saudi Arabia (13), Maldives (15), Mali (17), Iraq (18), Algeria (19), Mauritania (20), Uzbekistan (21), Central African Republic (24), Turkmenistan (26), Niger (28), Morocco (29), Bangladesh (30), Mozambique (32), Indonesia (33), Qatar (34), Egypt (35), Tunisia (36), Democratic Republic of the Congo (37), Turkey (41), Comoros (42), Malaysia (43), Tajikistan (44), Cameroon (45), Brunei (46), Oman (47), Kazakhstan (48) and Jordan (49). In addition, in a country with a Christian majority, Ethiopia (39), Islam is also the main cause of persecution.


Imagen: fotograma del cortometraje "Sang-Chul: North Korea" sobre la persecución contra los cristianos por parte de la dictadura comunista norcoreana.

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