In 2021, 4,650 Christians were killed for their faith in that country

Nigeria: 70 Christians are murdered in Gbeji and the massacre meets with media silence

For years, Nigeria has been the scene of an authentic genocide perpetrated by Islamic radicals against the Christian population.

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New massacre against Catholics in Nigeria: a genocide that has been hidden for years

A new massacre perpetrated by Fulani Islamists

This week, The Christian Post published news about a new massacre of Christians in Nigeria. It happened in the village of Gbeji, located in the county of Ukum, in the state of Benue, in the south of the country. Terumbur Kartyo, president of the Ukum Local Government Council in Benue, has pointed out that Fulani militiamen, an ethnic group with a Muslim majority, murdered 70 Christians.

This massacre comes on top of another recent attack in Guma, in which more than 100 Christians were shot and wounded last week in the villages of Udei and Yelewata, causing the displacement of thousands of Christians in the country. Likewise, the attack on the village of Gbeji was accompanied by attacks on Christians in the villages of Vaase, Daudu, Tyotyev, Udei and Yelwata. In the latter village, the Fulani killed five Christians and wounded to another six on October 12, information that has been confirmed by Waku Christopher, a member of the Guma Local Government Council.

The seventh country in the world in which Christians are most persecuted

The Christian Post has pointed out that Nigeria led the world in Christians killed for their faith last year with 4,650, compared to 3,530 the previous year, according to the annual report prepared by the NGO Open Doors. The number of kidnapped Christians was also highest in Nigeria, at more than 2,500, up from 990 the previous year. Likewise, Nigeria is just behind China in the number of churches attacked, with 470 cases. The latest Open Doors report ranked that African country as the seventh country in the world in which Christians face the harshest persecution for their faith, only surpassed by Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Eritrea.

Majority media silence on this new massacre

The most surprising thing about this new massacre is that it has been met with an overwhelming media silence in the world. Only some Christian media have reported the news, and a few media have reported on the massacre but without indicating that the victims were Christians, as is the case of the agency Europa Press and MSN news website. Let us imagine for a moment the scandal that would be if an extremist murdered dozens of people for racist or homophobic reasons and important media concealed the motive for the crime. Well, this is what happens in Nigeria: they hide it because the victims are Christians.


Photo: Burial of Christian victims of a massacre by Islamist Fulani in a file photo.

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