There are more than 40 murdered: some photos shows the brutality of the attack

New massacre against Catholics in Nigeria: a genocide that has been hidden for years

This Sunday, the Church of San Francisco in Owo, Nigeria, was the subject of a brutal attack in which terrorists used firearms and explosives.

Genocide in Nigeria: over 6,000 massacred Christians and media silence in the West
The massacre of Christians in Nigeria continues: the mainstream media hides it in the West

WARNING: The images that appear in this post may hurt your sensitivity

As Vaticannews has pointed out, during the celebration of Pentecost, men armed with rifles opened fire on the faithful inside that Catholic church located in the southwest of the African country, and also used dynamite. Among the dead there are men, women and children. There are more than 40 fatalities. At the moment the identity of the perpetrators of the massacre is unknown and no group has claimed responsibility. The Christian community in Nigeria has been under attack by Islamist terrorists from Boko Haram for years. The attacks are directed against Catholics and Protestants alike.

As you could already read in Counting Stars in 2018, this terrorist phenomenon counts its victims by the thousands and has been silenced by many Western media, which apparently do not have a special interest in knowing that the Christian community in Nigeria is being massacred by Muslim fanatics. Two years ago, the Associated Press (AP) agency published a story about one of these massacres, eliminating all mention of the Christian status of the victims, a version of the events that was broadcast by large media outlets such as the BBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

As with all genocides, sadly some seem not to be aware of the seriousness of the events if they do not contemplate them in all their harshness. I am not in the habit of publishing bloody images, but in view of the efforts of some media to silence what is happening in Nigeria, they have decided to publish this series of photos of this attack that have been published on the Facebook page of the Church of Saint Francis of Owo.

Lord grant them eternal rest. Let perpetual light shine for them. Rest in peace.

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