The sacristan of a church in Algeciras was threatened and killed with a machete

One person murdered in Islamist attacks against Catholic churches in Spain

This Wednesday, three Catholic churches have been victims of jihadist attacks that have resulted in one person being killed and one seriously injured.

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As reported by the local newspaper Southern Europe, the attack was directed against the Church of San Isidro, the Church of La Palma and the Chapel of Europe. The aforementioned media outlet has indicated that the Police have arrested one people for his participation in these attacks. The sacristan of the Church of La Palma, Diego Valencia, was killed in these attacks. The wounded man is the parish priest of the Church of San Isidro, Father Antonio Rodríguez, who received a stab wound and is hospitalized in serious condition.

"In San Isidro the detainee entered the chapel of San Isidro and hit images with a large machete and dressed in a djellaba. The priest tried to throw him out and, once outside, he turned towards him and stabbed him in the neck", Europa Sur points out. Eyewitnesses have pointed out that the assailant entered that church shouting during the 7:30 p.m. mass. "He went through it throwing images, crosses and candles to the ground with his machete, even going up to the altar of the temple."

When the sacristan of the Church of La Palma ordered him to leave the Church, the murderer threatened him. He also threatened two women who were in the sacristy of the temple. The assassin began to chase the sacristan, who ran to the Plaza Alta, where the jihadist hit him several times with the machete he was carrying, hitting him on the head. Radio Algeciras has published this video showing the arrest of the murderer:

+ UPDATED 9:25 p.m.: According to the agency Europa Press, the National Court is investigating these attacks as an act of terrorism. The investigation has fallen to the Central Court of Instruction Number 6.

+ UPDATED 9:40 p.m.: The newspaper La Vanguardia affirms that the perpetrator of the crime is a Moroccan national.


Photo: Efe.

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