Obscene exhibition of garbage journalism by 'El Periódico de España'

A leftist newspaper makes a blacklist of right-wing youtubers and suggests censoring them

The left is losing its nerve over the data indicating its probable defeat at the polls in the general elections on July 23.

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A newspaper of a communication group that gained weight during a PSOE government

As often happens when the left feels desperate, it begins to exhibit attitudes typical of anti-democrats, of people who do not admit the free debate of ideas and who believe that the fact of disagreeing with the socialists and communists it makes you a bad person. We are going to see many examples of this attitude in the coming weeks. Just yesterday we had a preview from El Periódico de España (EPE), a medium founded in 2021 and owned by of Prensa Ibérica, a media group related to the Socialist Party (PSOE) that grew during the government of Felipe González thanks to the purchase of old state newspapers.

'El Periódico de España' launches a blacklist of youtubers related to Vox

This Saturday, that medium published a Twitter thread that includes a blacklist in which it indicates with names and surnames youtubers that it considers related to the Vox conservative party, even though they are not. All this under a photo with neo-fascists making the Roman salute, an ideological position with which neither Vox nor those pointed out by that newspaper identify. The manipulation is so crude that it causes nausea. In that list of gangster airs, EPE puts Dalas Review, Roma Gallardo, Isaac Parejo, Wall Street Wolverine and A Straight White Uncle, launching against them the typical sambenitos of the progressive inquisition: fascists, reactionaries, homophobes, sexists, misogynists, etc.

The socialist newspaper goes from accusation to slander

Next, EPE goes from targeting to slander, stating that these youtubers "legitimize and normalize violence against women, immigrants, the poor, the LGTBI collective, or squatters." The socialist newspaper does not bother to give a single example that supports these accusations. If I were one of those indicated, I would already be preparing a lawsuit against that newspaper for a clear violation of the right to honor. Enough of PSOE's media lackeys believing that anything goes against those of us who don't give our opinion following the dictates of the left.

The newspaper related to the PSOE suggests that these youtubers be censored

The cherry on top of this trash journalism exhibition comes in the form of a survey in which EPE suggests that social networks censor those youtubers. Because yes, because they disagree with the left, because they don't like them, because they don't think like that medium thinks they should think. This is what the left understands by democracy: think like it or submit to censorship. The most ironic thing is that EPE launches a survey to suggest that those who disagree with the left be censored and is losing the option of censorship.

Of course,if something should be censored on social networks, it is the mafia accusations against citizens for having an opinion different from the left, and it does not matter if these accusations are made by someone nostalgic for Stalin who gets emotional watching videos of parades in Red Square, or a media outlet that believes it has the right to cut Article 20 of the Constitution to exclude from the democratic debate those it says.

The effects of the 440 million announced by the government for the media

As it happens, the same day that he announced the call for general elections for July 23, the Sánchez government approved a package of 440 million euros in subsidies to the media, the largest State advertising contract in all the years we have been under democracy. The brutal waste of public money whose objective, more than evident, is to use our taxes to buy the favor of the media. We already see how some are making an effort to earn these subsidies, but we will see the worst as the elections approach and the media related to the PSOE see future subsidies in danger. to time.

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