A video shows the maneuvers of the fighter piloted by Captain Quijano

The spectacular exhibition of a Spanish Eurofighter over Gijón seen from its cockpit

On July 30, Gijón experienced one more building of its formidable air festival, which brought together aircraft from the three Spanish armies.

A Spanish pilot explains the anti-G suit that is used in all combat aircraft
The strong deployment of Spanish military aircrafts in a very conflictive place in Europe

The Spanish Air Force participated with the CASA C-101 Aviojet of the Patrulla Águila and with a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter of the 11th Wing, flown by Captain Quijano. Some witnesses say that it was an excellent display. Today the Air Force has published a spectacular video in which it shows this exhibition seen from the cockpit of the Eurofighter:

The video includes some very good images, such as this condensation trail on the wing of the Eurofighter.

And also this beautiful image of San Lorenzo beach, seen from the cockpit of the fighter.

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