Spectacular exercise in Orzysz, 58 km from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad

Poland displays its formidable military power on the anniversary of the 1939 Soviet invasion

This Sunday, the Orzysz maneuvering field, in Poland, was the location chosen for new military maneuvers open to the public.

MSBS Grot, the Polish ambidextrous rifle that manages to rival the prestigious HK416
The new aircrafts and weapons that Poland has presented on its Armed Forces Day

A formidable display of military power 58 km from a Russian enclave

In this exercise, called Jesienny Ogień (Autumn Fire), Poland has shown some of the new weapons systems that it has been receiving recently in its process to increase its defensive resources against the threat from Russia: tanks M1A1 Abrams and K2 Black Panther, self-propelled howitzers K9 Thunder, multiple missile launchers M-142 HIMARS, combat vehicles infantry BWP Borsuk and KTO Rosomak and also the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters of its Special Forces.

A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter of the Polish Special Forces during the Jesienny Ogień exercise this Sunday, an event that was open to the public (Photo: Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej).

Significantly, and as I have pointed out on other occasions, the Orzysz Military Training Center is only 58 km from the Polish border with Russia, specifically with the enclave of Kaliningrad, occupied by the USSR at the end of the Second World War. Thus, this formidable display of military power by Poland is not coincidental, and shows what today is already one of the most powerful European armies in NATO.

The exercise coincided with the anniversary of the 1939 Soviet invasion

It must be said that this Polish exercise is not a provocation, but a declaration of firmness after the threat launched by the Russian State Duma against Poland last year, stating that it would be the next to be attacked after Ukraine. A threat against which Poland is only acting accordingly. Let us also remember that this September 17 is the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, a stab in the back orchestrated by Hitler and Stalin after the German invasion of September 1 of that year. Two years ago, the Putin regime justified this invasion by calling it a "liberation."

A Polish Leopard 2A5 battle tank during this exercise (Photo: Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej).

Polska Zbrojna's spectacular video about this exercise

This afternoon, the Polish military newspaper Polska Zbrojna has published a sensational video about this exercise (impossible to put more things and better exposition in just 2 and a half minutes and with such good musical accompaniment):

You can see below some screenshots of the video, in which I show you what can be seen in it.

Two K2 Black Panther tanks, followed by K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers. In July 2022 Poland announced the purchase of 1,000 K2 tanks, 820 of which will be manufactured on Polish territory as a special version, called K2PL.

Two SPZR Poprad short-range surface-to-air missile launching vehicles, and behind them several K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers. The Polish Army has 77 SPZE Poprad, manufactured in Poland and armed with Grom and Piorun missiles.

Two M-142 HIMARS multiple missile launchers, and in front of them two WR-40 Langusta rocket launchers. The Polish Army has 75 Langusta, manufactured in Poland, and has ordered 500 HIMARS launchers.

A row of Polish M1A1 Abrams tanks. Poland has ordered 366 Abrams tanks. to the USA: 116 of the M1A1 version and 250 M1A2 SEP v.3. The Polish Army the first European operator of this model.

A UH-60 Black Hawk of the Polish Special Forces. The Polish Army has four helicopters of this type and has ordered another four. Furthermore, Poland has plans to acquire another 32 Black Hawks, which would be built in that country by PZL Mielec.

K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers firing their 155 mm guns. Last year, Poland announced the purchase of 600 of these self-propelled howitzers from South Korea. The first 24 examples were delivered to Poland in December, and sport the four-color MERDC camouflage (green, black, brown and sand) used by the Army of the Republic of Korea.

A KTO Rosomak mortar carrier. Last year Poland announced the purchase of 341 vehicles of this type, in different variants. It is manufactured in Poland under license and is based on the Finnish Patria AMV armored car.

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