He died during weapons cleaning and maintenance tasks

A Spanish soldier of the Special Operations Command (MOE) dies due to an accident

The Spanish Army announced today the death of soldier Adrián Roldán Marín, from the Special Operations Command (MOE).

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In a note published this afternoon at 7:09 p.m., the Spanish Army has reported the death of soldier Roldán due to "a tragic accident while carrying out weapons cleaning and maintenance tasks after an exercise". Soldier Roldán belonged to the "Valencia" III Special Operations Group, based in Rabasa (Alicante).

According to the Ministry of Defense,soldier Roldán was 30 years old and was a native of San Juan de Alicante. He joined the Army in May 2018 and belonged to GOE III since April 2021.

From here I send my hug and my condolences to the family and companions of the deceased soldier.

Give Lord eternal rest. Let perpetual light shine upon him. Rest in peace.

Honor demanded and they obeyed,
Duty required it and they complied with it;
With their blood the company was signed
With their efforts they made the country great.

They were big and strong, because they were
Faithful to the oath they swore.
That's why they fought like brave men,
And they died like heroes.

Dying for the country was his destiny,
Love Spain its eternal passion,
Serve in the Armies his vocation and fate.

They did not want to serve another Flag,
They did not want to walk another path,
They didn't know how to live any other way.

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