This is how the National Holiday Day was celebrated in the contingents abroad

The Spanish miliraty who celebrated October 12, 2023 far from Spain

October 12, Spain's National Holiday, is a very important date for all Spaniards, and especially for those who are far away.

The military parade on the National Day of Spain: two videos and a series of images
The moments of the Armed Forces Day of Spain that are not usually seen on television

Currently, the Spanish Armed Forces participate in 17 operations abroad, in four of the five continents: Europe, Africa, America and Asia. You can see below some of the celebrations that Spanish military contingents have held in other countries on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Day.

Central African Republic

EUTM RCA-XV Contingent, on a training mission of the European Union. Photos: EMAD.


Orion Detachment of the Air Force in the maritime security mission of the European Union in the Indian Ocean. Photos: EMAD.


Amber Detachment of the Spanish Air Force at Ämari Air Base, on a Baltic Air Police (BAP) mission. Video: EMAD.

Gulf of Guinea

Maritime Action Vessel (BAM) "Tornado" P-44 of the Spanish Navy, on a cooperative security and defense diplomacy mission. Video: EMAD.


Iraq Support Operation, with Spanish Army personnel. Photos: EMAD.


Spanish military personnel from the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy, based in Milan. Photos: NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy / Spagna in Italia.


EFP XIII Contingent of the Spanish Army in NATO's advanced reinforced presence (eFP) mission. Photos: eFP Battle Group Latvia.


Tigru Detachment of the Spanish Air Force, on a NATO eAP-RDR (enhanced Air Policing) mission. Photos: EMAD.


EUTM Somalia Contingent, on a training and advisory mission. Photos: EMAD.


Batería Patriot del Ejército de Tierra en la Base Aérea de Incirlik. Fotos: U.S. Air Force / EMAD.

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