A 3DStereoTech work that is released in full for the first time on the net

'Compromiso', an outstanding short film about the 15th Wing of the Spanish Air Force

On December 16, 1985, the 15th Wing of the Spanish Air Force was created, based in Zaragoza, being the first to receive the EF-18 Hornet.

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The plans of Spain to replace its EF-18M fighters: will the F-35 finally arrive?

Since 1989,the 15th Wing is one of the units that are part of the Air Alarm Service of the Air Force, whose mission is the defense of Spanish airspace on a permanent basis, always having two fighters ready to take off 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in case a Scramble alert reaches them.

The 15th Wing is made up of three squadrons: the 151 "Toro" (Bull) and the 152 "Marte" (Mars, both with single-seat EF-18M) and the 153 "Ebro" (equipped with two-seat EF-18BM and designated as Operational Conversion Unit).

In 2019, the Spanish Air Force released a video about this unitentitled "Compromiso" (Commitment) and which was prepared by 3DStereoTech. That video lasted just over a minute. Alfredo González, one of the authors of that video, wrote to me pointing out that it was just a trailer for a longer video (13 minutes), prepared by 3DStereoTech in a selfless way to publicize the work of Ala 15 (you can see two screenshots of the video next to these lines). The original short film was the first video recorded in 3D about the Spanish Armed Forces, with cinematic quality and using two synchronized Red Epic cameras, very expensive and professional quality equipment.

Alfredo González was the author of the initial idea and was in charge of stereo photography, editing and final editing in 2D and 3D, while the directors of photography were Sergio de Uña and José Luis Roig. Alfredo tells me the following: "The cabin filming was done with a compact 3D camera with a wide-angle adapter, given the little space available.
To film the fighters in flight, the cameras were arranged in parallel, on a special support."
The original video was projected at Yelmo Cines in Zaragoza and today is used in 15th Wing for promotional purposes, but until now it had not reached the general public through the Internet. This video has finally arrived. Here you can see it in full in its 2D version:

And here you can see the 3DTV version:

I sincerely thank 3DStereoTech for having been kind enough to offer me to publish this video for the first time in Defense and Aviation, it is an honor for me to be able to spread it, as I thought it was an outstanding short film. Alfredo has been kind enough to send me some photos of the production of this short film, in which we can see the equipment used in the recording of it:

Congratulations to 3DStereoTech for this great work. 15th Wing has been very lucky to be able to have professionals of this stature to publicize its daily activity.

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