Yedi Cohen is a photographer and commander of one of these Israeli tanks

Photos of an Israeli captain showing the Merkava MkIV in action against Hamas

As in other armed forces, in the Israel Defense Forces there are some soldiers who are good photographers in civilian life.

This is the Merkava MkIV of the Israeli Army, one of the most advanced tanks in the world
The purpose of the trailers carried by the Merkava tanks of the Israeli Army

That is the case of Captain Yedi Cohen, a photographer in civilian life and commander of a Merkava MkIV tank of the 188th "Barak" (Lightning) Armored Brigade of the Israeli Army. Following the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, 2023, in which more than 1,200 people (mostly civilians) were killed, Captain Cohen's unit was mobilized in the framework of Operation Iron Swordsto eliminate Hamas terrorists. As Captain Cohen indicated in a post on his Facebook profile on January 3, his unit has fought in Jabalya, Kfar Jabalya, Darg Topah and other places.

In addition to fighting Hamas terrorists, Captain Cohen continues to take photos, which he regularly posts on Facebook e Instagram. His photos include formidable images of Israeli Merkava MkIV tanks fighting Hamas in Gaza, which you can see below.

Two Merkava MkIV tanks firing on a terrorist position in Gaza.

A Merkava MkIV in Shati, Gaza, in mid-February. In the background we see a destroyed and burning vehicle.

Replenishing 120mm ammunition of various types in a Merkava MkIV. A photo published on October 8, a day after the Hamas attack on Israel.

Two Merkava MkIVs on a street in Gaza, December. Both have anti-drone protection on the turret.

A Merkava MkIV and two Israeli soldiers advancing through the streets of Jabalya, Gaza, in early March.

Maintaining the chains of a Merkava MkIV next to a beach in Gaza, on February 18.

A Merkava Mk IV firing its cannon in Jabalia, Gaza, at the beginning of March. Behind the tank are two bulldozers from the Israeli Army engineers.

A Merkava MkIV firing its cannon in Jabaliya, Gaza at dusk on January 2. On the right we see the dust shaking from the firing of another Merkava MkIV tank with an Israeli flag behind it.

Several Merkava Mk IVs in Jabalia, Gaza, early March, at sunset.

Celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah with a Merkava MkIV on December 7, during the Israeli military operation in Gaza.

Captain Cohen adjusting the chain of his Merkava MkIV with a hammer, in Gaza, late December.

A stunning photo taken between Jabalya and Darj Tofah. It was published a few days ago and shows several Merkava MkIVs in action, two of them firing their cannons. Click on the image to see it enlarged.

Two Merkava MkIV in a photo published in December. On the right we see dozens of shells for 120 mm ammunition.

A Merkava MkIV on the road to a Gaza beach in mid-February.

The Israeli flag flying on a Merkava MkIV in Jabalyia, Gaza, by the sea, in early March. At the back of the turret there are two tires tied to prevent accidental rotation from damaging the metal basket in which the tank crew carries their supplies. In a compartment on the right, above the chain, we can see the entertainment of these soldiers: a chess board. Click on the photo to enlarge.

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