The Blue Angels, the US Navy demonstration squadron, at NAF El Centro

The deafening takeoff of four Super Hornets fighters recorded from just a few meters away

Fans of photographing and filming airplanes are always looking for the best places to be near airports and air bases.

A spectacular aerial exhibition by the Blue Angels in San Francisco Bay
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Surely one of the best places to get an excellent video of fighters taking off is in southern California, in the arid inland part of the state: the NAF El Centro base, belonging to the United States Navy. This base is home to its demonstration squadron, the famous Blue Engels, during the winter months.

At the eastern end of runway 8/26, at the northeast end of the base, there is a great place to watch the Blue's F/A-18E Super Hornet fighters taxiing and taking off Engels, as a dirt road, the Low Road, accessed from the south from the Evan Hewes Highway, skirts the base to that point. A few days ago, AirshowStuff published an excellent video showing the reels and takeoffs of the Blue Angels during their training.

The video begins with the takeoff of a Super Hornet and a minute into the start it shows four Blue Angels planes taking off in formation. The takeoff takes place a few meters above the heads of the group of people who is watching the scene. The sound is deafening (turn up the volume):

You can see some screenshots of this video here. We start with an image from the beginning, which shows a Super Hornet passing a few meters from the spectators who were in the northeast of the base.

An F/A-18E Super Hornet, Blue Angel 6, taxiing at the end of runway 26.

The school landing of all the Super Hornets, entering via runway 8.

The fighters gathered at the beginning of runway 26, after landing.

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