Deployment of the 9th Squadron with the Expeditionary Group 'Dédalo 24'

The Harrier IIs of the Spanish Navy fly with F-16 and F-4E of the Hellenic Air Force

At the beginning of this month, the Spanish Navy activated the Expeditionary Combat Group "Dédalo 24" in the Mediterranean Sea.

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This activation will last more than four months and includes three phases: the first takes place along the coasts of Greece and Turkey, the second along the coasts of Italy and the third will take it to the Atlantic and the Baltic.

The "Dédalo 24" is headed by the aircraft carrier "Juan Carlos I" L-61, accompanied by the Amphibious Assault Ship "Galicia" L-51, the frigates "Reina Sofía" F-84 and "Blas de Lezo" F-103, the First Landing Battalion of the Tercio de Armada and an embarked air wing made up, among other aircraft, of the EAV-8B+ Harrier II Plus fighters of the 9th Squadron of the Aircraft Flotilla (FLOAN).

During this deployment, the Spanish Harrier IIs have carried out several flights with Greek Air Force fighters, including the F-4E Phantom II of the 338 "Ares" Fighter-Bomber Squadron, based in Andravida. On April 23, the Greek Air Force published the two photos we just saw of this joint flight and the following video:

Today, the Spanish Navy has published a video of a formation pass of Spanish Harrier IIs and Greek F-16s alongside the L-61:

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