The perpetrator supported a pro-Russian paramilitary organization in 2016

The attack on the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and the political militancy of its author

This afternoon, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, suffered an attack in which he was shot several times.

The Slovak Police deny hoaxes about the author of the attack against Robert Fico

Robert Fico is in serious condition

A Slovak media,, has indicated that Fico has already been operated on. According to the latest information, Fico would be in serious condition. After learning about the attack, European political leaders have expressed their rejection of the crime, both from the left and the right and from the political center. The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has also expressed his rejection.

The perpetrator of the crime has been identified as Juraj Cintula, 71 years old

The shooter has been identified as Juraj Cintula, a 71-year-old writer. The Slovak media has spoken with the son of the shooter and cannot explain what led his father to commit that crime: "I have no idea what my father intended, what he planned, or why it happened." He has also denied that he has psychiatric problems: "Maybe There was some short circuit, I don't know.It's more vigorous, but I wouldn't deal with a psychiatrist or things like that."

Juraj Cintula supported a pro-Russian paramilitary organization in 2016

In the last few hours all kinds of information have circulated about the perpetrator of the crime, stating that he is a member of an opposition party, and also all kinds of speculation about the possible motive for the attack, linking it to the Fico's pro-Russian positions or his attitude on different political issues. At this time, points out the following:

"The alleged attacker J.C. met with the organization Slovenskí Branci [Slovak Recruits] in 2016, which is documented by photographs. The latter identified him as a writer and columnist on its Facebook page and published his texts In them, J.C. criticizes immigrants or the State and publicly expresses his support for the organization. The Slovak Recruits were an unregistered paramilitary organization with links to extremists and a pro-Russian orientation. The organization ceased its activities in 2022."

Below these lines you can see a photo of a Slovenskí Branci parade with military uniforms, an image that was published on that group's Facebook page on January 14, 2016.

On that group's Facebook page there are many photos of its members with assault rifles. Here we see a photo published on February 1, 2022:

Slovenskí Branci praised the Red Army in May 2022

On May 8, 2022, Slovenskí Branci posted a message insal zating the Red Army and attributing the freedom of the Slovaks to him: "This freedom was finally granted to us thanks to the liberators from the ranks of the Red Army, whose members bled and finally, after tough battles, finally they won and liberated many areas of Europe. The children of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other nations of the Soviet Union bled and died daily in our territoryToday there are those who, due to sheer ignorance and mental weakness, or personally not. I know why, they distort the facts."

Slovenskí Branci leader received training from former Russian military

In January 2019, published an investigation about Slovenskí Branci pointing out the following:

"When the paramilitary organization was being formed, the leader of Slovenskí Branci underwent training with a Russian militia Narodny Sobor. During his three-week stay in Russia, Švrček was trained by ex-Specnz soldiers and he quickly started to pass his experience to other members of the group."

Juraj Cintula's messages of support to Slovenskí Branci

A photo of Juraj appears on Slovenskí Branci's Facebook page Cintula at an event of that paramilitary organization, accompanied by three men in camouflage uniforms. The photo was published on January 14, 2016:

Along with this photo, the following words of support from Cintula to the Slovenskí Branci appear: "they themselves buy weapons and equipment with their own money. They themselves, in their free time, dominate the tactics and strategy. Or to learn it in a collective exercise, they choose a vacation. Why do they do that? Hundreds of thousands of immigrants arrive in Europe, of which we are a permanent part. Slovak recruits do not prepare for the battle, but for defense. When someone tells you that they are preparing for war, do not believe them. Your main task is to protect the inhabitants, the country, the tradition, the culture: they are patriots. I believe in those boys and girls and I express my public support."

On January 20, 2016, Slovenskí's Facebook page Branci published this other photo from Cintula, along with another text from that writing supporting that parmilitary group. The text reads the following:

"We know what is happening in Europe today and we do not want the public space to be full of adventurers with swastikas, vandals who would crush it, set it on fire and loot everything with great gusto. That is why citizens must fill and protect public space before criminal elements fill it. It is urgent."

I hope that Robert Fico manages to recover from the serious injuries he suffered in this attempted murder and that the full weight of the law falls on its author, whatever the reason for which he fired those shots.


Main photo: Robert Fico.

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