The President of the Police pointed out that “he is a lone wolf”

The Slovak Police deny hoaxes about the author of the attack against Robert Fico

The attack suffered yesterday by the Prime Minister of Slovakia, the socialist Robert Fico, has generated a wave of misinformation.

The attack on the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and the political militancy of its author

On social networks, messages have been read blaming NATO, Ukraine, the WHO and making all kinds of baseless speculations. Claims have also circulated claims that the perpetrator of the attack, Juraj Cintula, would be a member of an opposition party and would be married to a Ukrainian woman, who according to some messages spread on social networks, would also have been detained.

As we saw yesterday, the perpetrator of the attack had a relationship in 2016 with a pro-Russian paramilitary group, called Slovenskí Branci (Slovak Recruits), whose leader was trained by former Russian military personnel. As I already pointed out in my article yesterday, this fact is a proven fact on the Facebook page of that paramilitary group itself, which published photos of Cintula on an act of that organization.

According to the Slovak media, today the Police of the Slovak Republic has debunked some hoaxes about Cintula, in a press conference which was attended by the President of the Police, Ľubomír Solák. Regarding claims that Cintula is married to a Ukrainian woman who had also been detained, Solák said: "Such information has not been confirmed, it is a hoax."

In relation to the perpetrator of the crime, Solák added: "The suspect is not a member of any radicalized political group. He is a lone wolf." Cintula would have participated in anti-government protests.

According to, in another press conference, Matúš Šutaj Eštok, Minister of the Interior of Slovakia, pointed out that "it was an assassination attempt for political reasons, as the suspect himself said". Šutaj Eštok pointed out the reasons given by Cintula: "Those reasons were the abolition of the Special Prosecutor's Office, the suspension of military aid to Ukraine, the intervention on public television and the dismissal of the president of the Judicial Council. These were all the reasons that the suspect gave and the reasons why he does not agree with the policy of the current government and why he decided to carry out the murder."

On the other hand, Solák has warned about the rise of hate messages on social networks, pointing out an alarming fact:"We have recorded several dozen incidents of this type. We have identified specific individuals in several and we will probably report the results soon. We registered threats against members of the government and other political leaders of the opposition and the coalition.

Regarding Fico's condition, the elected president of Slovakia, Peter Pellegrini, visited the prime minister in the hospital and noted: "His state of health remains very serious, I was only allowed to speak with him for a few minutes. His condition requires rest. I hope we witness his speedy recovery."


Image: Polícia Slovenskej Republiky.

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