The left allowed a terrorist march and demonizes a democratic event

Vox's Viva 24 event leads the left-wing to exhibit its allergy to ideological pluralism

This weekend, Vox, the third most voted party in Spain, is holding a big event in Madrid titled "Viva 24."

The Sánchez government allows a march of a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid
The great failure of the Popular Party and its related media in their attempt to liquidate Vox

An event that demonstrates the great vitality of Vox

This great event has the participation of conservative leaders from several countries, including the president of the Republic of Argentina, Javier Milei, and the prime ministers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, and of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, in addition to the Israeli Minister of the Diaspora, Amichai Chikli. No other Spanish political party is capable of bringing together so many relevant figures in an event like this one, which has managed to sell out its tickets in events with limited capacity.

Furthermore, with Viva 24, Vox demonstrates its great vitality and its full form after media related to rival parties have been feeding the false idea of a supposedly divided and declining party. Ten years after its founding, Vox demonstrates that it has consolidated itself and, what is more important, it makes it clear that it has a very important role to contribute to Spanish society, maintaining open debates that the left and centrism (Popular Party) had closed falsely to avoid any discrepancy: abortion, gender ideology, immigration, climate radicalism, etc.

The left exhibits its allergy to political pluralism

On the other hand, this Vox event has, once again, made the left exhibit its most intolerant side, something that socialists and communists certainly do very frequently. This allergy to ideological pluralism is reflected in calls for protests against this event, describing it as "fascism" and "ultra-right", a demonization campaign that has even been joined by public television controlled by the government of Pedro Sánchez, which has recently been making headlines for its authoritarian drift, its campaign against freedom of information and its attacks on judicial independence.

Socialists and communists imitate the intolerance of fascism

In its Article 1, the Spanish Constitution proclaims political pluralism as one of the highest values of the legal system of Spain. Its Article 6 states that political parties are the expression of this political pluralism and that "contribute to the formation and manifestation of the popular will and are a fundamental instrument for political participation". Furthermore, Article 16 guarantees ideological freedom"with no more limitation, in its manifestations, than that necessary for the maintenance of public order protected by law."

When the left tries to exclude Vox and any conservative organization from democracy, for the mere fact of defending conservative ideas that are not liked by socialists and communists, what that left does is not combat "fascism", but rather imitate its intolerance to political and ideological pluralism. What the left tries to do is limit the exercise of democratic rights by its political rivals, a desire typical of totalitarians who do not allow anyone to disagree with their ideological dogmas.

The Vox event is a democratic, legal and peaceful event

As anyone will be able to see this weekend on Viva 24, Vox and the public figures participating in this event are not fascists: they are democrats who defend their ideas through legal and peaceful means. The attempt by the left to prohibit the expression of these ideas is not only an attack on Vox, the conservatives and the approaches they defend. With its display of intolerance, what the left is doing is threatening our democracy and our freedoms, an authoritarian practice in which socialists and communists already have a long tradition.

Terrorists can demonstrate and conservatives cannot?

Regardless of whether anyone likes Vox's ideas or not (I fully agree with their approaches, as I have been making clear), what is intolerable in a democracy is that it tries to prohibit their right to express them, especially considering that last January, the Sánchez government authorized a march in Madrid called by a Palestinian terrorist group. What the left tries to tell us is that in Spain some terrorists have permission to demonstrate but that some democrats who defend conservative ideas must be expelled. With this way of thinking, the left makes it clear that it does not believe in democracy.

P.S.: if you want to follow the events of Viva 24, you can do so at the Vox YouTube channel (click here).


Photo: Vox.

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