That group heads the list of conveners, which also includes Podemos

The Sánchez government allows a march of a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid

The Pedro Sánchez government's tolerance for terrorism is reaching extremes never seen in a country in the European Union.

Has Pedro Sánchez also granted amnesty to a group classified as terrorist by the EU?
The links of Yolanda Díaz's party with a terrorist group that supports Hamas

In the same week in which we learned that the Socialist Party (PSOE) has agreed to amnesty terrorist crimes so that Sánchez does not lose the support of his separatist allies, we know of a new concession to terrorism that is going to leave an unusual image in the capital from Spain. Action and Communication on the Middle East (ACOM) denounced yesterday that the government has allowed a march called by a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid.

ACOM already warned about this march on January 18

That march had already been alerted by ACOM to the Government Delegation in Madrid on January 18. ACOM asked to disavow this call because "it glorifies terrorism and incites hatred against the Israeli and Jewish community." ACOM also noted the following: "Among the adherents of the demonstration is the terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union in the same catalog that includes bands like Hamas or the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades."

The PFLP appears in the registers of terrorist organizations of the European Union, United States and Canada. It is not something new: that organization has been appearing in these records for years. Its classification as a terrorist organization by the EU was reiterated on February 24, 2023 by EU Council Decision (CFSP) 2023/422. In the annex to this decision, the PFLP appears as number 17 on the list of terrorist groups and entities. Its split "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command" also appears, as well as Hamas.

A terrorist group calling for public demonstrations in Spain

ACOM pointed out: "To the particular very serious fact of that a terrorist group operates with complete freedom on Spanish soil, calling for public demonstrations that call for the murder of people due to their ethnic, religious or national origin, it does not Less serious is the use of the slogan as the main demand “Free Palestine from the river to the sea”, which directly and particularly alludes to the proposal of Hamas and other terrorist organizations to exterminate the state of Israel, absolutely denying their very right to exist. hate, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 9/1983, of July 15, regulating the right of assembly and Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, on the protection of citizen security."

ACOM takes the Government Delegation to court for allowing the march

Yesterday, ACOM denounced that the Government Delegation has ignored its warnings, so that has decided to take the Delegation to court to challenge "the resolution of the Delegation of the Government of Madrid, dismissing our request to disallow the demonstration that it supports the destruction of Israel and the extermination of its citizens scheduled for January 27, 2024 in Madrid." As a result, the Government Delegation, "after repeatedly ignoring our warnings about the participation of Palestinian terrorist groups in demonstrations in Madrid, will have to face our subsidiary request for a very precautionary measure", ACOM points out.

The terrorist group PFLP heads the list of organizers of that march

The aforementioned demonstration is being spread from a Twitter account called @madridconpalest, created this month. In a tweet published this Monday he published the "List of organizing organizations" for the march, in the which many far-left organizations appear, including Podemos and the Communist Party of Galicia (PCG), the Galician delegation of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), in the which Vice President Yolanda Díaz is affiliated with.

The most striking thing is that the terrorist group PFLP appears as number 1 on that list of organizing organizations, so it can be deduced that it is among the main organizers of that march:

The links of the party of two ministers with the PFLP

As we saw here in October, the PFLP maintains links with the Communist Party of Spain, to which two ministers of the Sánchez government belong: Yolanda Díaz and Sira Rego. Perhaps this link explains the government's tolerance for a call whose list of conveners is headed by a group classified as terrorist.

An image of PCE leader Manu Pineda (in the center of the photo) during a visit to Lebanon at one point, during the current meeting with a PFLP leader (Photo: Mundo Obrero).

The PFLP supported the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel

It should be remembered that on October 7, 2023, the PFLP published a statement on its official website, supporting the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel (in which unarmed civilians, including children and babies, were kidnapped, tortured and murdered) and calling on Palestinians to support it, in the following terms:

"The Popular Front called on our heroic people throughout Palestine to actively participate in the battle of the “Al-Aqsa Flood”. Both from its location and from the tools it possesses, to attack the enemy army and its settlers, cut off its supply routes, sabotage its vital installations and pursue the terrified Zionist invaders in the face of attacks by the resistance and its attack agent at every turn. centimeter of the land of Palestine".

The government has been tolerating the presence of the PFLP at public events in Spain for years

The Sánchez government has been tolerating for years the presence of the PFLP at BNG rallies in Galicia. The Galician separatist organization has the habit of inviting this terrorist group to its rallies on July 25 in Santiago de Compostela. At the 2023 rally, the BNG asked for a "loud applause" for the PFLP. The presence of this group at those rallies was denounced by ACOM in 2021, but the government has continued to tolerate members of a terrorist organization attending these events.

In November 2023, the government also did nothing regarding the presence of the PFLP at a Bildu march in Bilbao. Now the Sánchez government goes one step further and allows this terrorist group to call a march in Madrid. We are facing an event of the utmost seriousness.


Photo: AFP/Mahmud Hams. PFLP armed terrorists at a march in Gaza on September 2, 2014.

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