Until that year, Gaza was Egypt and Judea and Samaria were Jordan

Sánchez's historical ignorance and his hoax about the 1967 Palestinian borders

Today, without submitting the decision to Congress - perhaps out of fear of losing -, Sánchez has unilaterally recognized a "State of Palestine."

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Sánchez makes an exhibition of narcissism, again

His statement (it can be read here) is complete nonsense, in which he began by making an exhibition of his already known narcissism, talking about "the national and also international transcendence of the decision that today we are going to adopt." The significance of this announcement consists of aligning Spain with the allies of the Hamas terrorists, but beyond that, this announcement will not have any real consequences in the Middle East.

Whatever Sánchez does, Israel will continue with its operations to liquidate Hamas, which is the only way it can ensure the security of Israeli citizens, and the so-called "Palestinian national authority" It will continue to be a dictatorial government that does not control all the territory it claims (it never had any control over Gaza, in the hands of Hamas, and has not called elections since 2006).

He says he wants peace but only receives praise from Israel's enemies

Sánchez has also stated that he seeks "to contribute to Israelis and Palestinians achieving peace", a statement without any credibility (like everything that Sánchez, the most liar that Spain has had), especially if we take into account that it is a unilateral announcement, made without counting on one of the parties (Israel), and counting exclusively on praise of the enemies of Israel, including Hamas, a scum that does not want peace: it wants Israel to disappear.

The most outrageous thing is that if Israel had not suffered the terrible terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7, Sánchez surely would not have made this announcement. Sanchez's statement is a message to Israel telling it that it cannot defend itself from the worst attack it has suffered since 1973 and the worst massacre suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust. It is like telling Ukraine that it should not respond to Russian aggression, or that peace will be achieved if it bows to the demands of those who caused the war, who were not the Ukrainians.

Sánchez talks about an imaginary Palestine and demands a corridor from Israel

Next, Sánchez has detailed a Palestine that has never existed:"The State of Palestine must be, in the first place, viable; with the West Bank and Gaza connected by a corridor and with East Jerusalem as its capital. And unified under the legitimate government of the Palestinian National Authority." Thus, Sánchez not only says what this imaginary Palestinian state should be like but also imposes a corridor on Israel over its territory: by what right? What will be next, imposing on Poles and Lithuanians a corridor between Kaliningrad and Russia? Sánchez acts as if he were a 12-year-old boy playing Risk.

Sánchez refers to the borders of 1967: there was no Palestine then

The funniest thing comes at this point in the declaration: "we will not recognize changes in the 1967 border lines other than those agreed upon by the parties." I couldn't help but laugh. upon hearing this display of historical ignorance. Before the Six Days War of 1967 there was no Palestinian state. There was, on the one hand, the State of Israel, and on the other there were Jordan and Egypt. Gaza was occupied by Egypt and Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank) belonged to Jordan.

If anyone doesn't believe me, he just has to listen to Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of the founder of Hamas, interviewed a month ago by Piers Morgan. At minute 25:33 of the video (I have inserted it so it starts playing at that point) he says the following about the 1967 borders:

"The West Bank it was under the control of Jordan, and Gaza was under the control of Egypt, they were Egypt and Jordanian territories, it was not a Palestine. Today Israel has peace with Egypt and with Jordan, so when the Arabs launched a war and they lost the War in 1967, Israel captured some territory, this is the consequences of war, this is the and the Arabs don't want to accept the consequences of defeat. Instead of saying we were defeated and Israel won now they played the victim card, they have been playing the victim card for 70 years."

Will the next thing be to recognize the State of Mordor?

So, it is logical to ask: Does Sánchez suggest that Israel grant control of Gaza to Egypt and control of Judea and Samaria to Jordan? Because that is how things stood until the Arabs were defeated in 1967 in one of his attempts to wipe Israel off the map. Asserting that Palestine had borders in 1967 is a hoax, since then there was no country with that name. Taking this into account, what will Sánchez do next, recognize the State of Mordor?


Photo: La Moncloa.

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