Millions of Spaniards support Israel in its fight against terrorists

In our name NO: many Spaniards reject Sánchez's award to Hamas

I am a Spanish citizen, son, grandson and descendant of many generations of Spaniards, and Pedro Sánchez does not represent me.

Abascal's excellent speech pointing out Sánchez's favors to Putin and Hamas
A vice president of Sánchez's government openly calls to erase Israel from the map

A reward from Sánchez to Hamas terrorism

Yesterday I received with infinite shame Sanchez's announcement to recognize a Palestinian state, when Hamas still has 128 hostages who were kidnapped on October 7, 2023 during the brutal terrorist attack against Israel. That announcement by Sánchez is a reward to Hamas for committing the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. It's like telling the world that World War II would have been resolved by recognizing the Third Reich and letting the Nazis continue ruling Germany after massacring their neighbors.

An anti-Semitic government that calls for erasing Israel from the map

Furthermore, the message that Sánchez sends to Israel is that it has no right to defend itself from the Hamas attack. Since the terrorists carried out that attack, Sánchez's actions have focused on criticizing Israel and making gestures of support for the Palestinians, the same ones who celebrated that massacre of Jews. Sánchez is nothing more than another representative of that anti-Semitic extreme left that focuses its hatred on Israel, perhaps because openly launching hate messages against Jews offers a worse image in public opinion than launching messages of hate against the only Jewish State in the world.

The anti-Semitism of the Sánchez government was evident yesterday, once again, with the infamous message from his communist vice president calling to wipe Israel from the map, a message that ended with a slogan used by the Palestinian terrorism to manifest its genocidal purposes against the Israeli people. Ignoring the meaning of that slogan, which has been repeatedly formulated by anti-Semitic terrorists to call for the extermination of the Jews of the Middle East, is like a ruler calling for a "final solution" for the Jews, using the same euphemism as the nazis, and some would consider that those two words mean nothing.

Sánchez is not Spain and despises Spain as much as Israel

There are millions of Spaniards who reject the extreme left government of Pedro Sánchez, a government whose president lost the last general elections (his party was the second most voted). He has only managed to stay in office by buying his re-election through unconstitutional concessions to other losing parties.

As Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, pointed out yesterday, Sánchez is not Spain. All of his decisions are made ignoring the interest of Spain and with no other purpose than to remain in power at any price, harming the Spanish people and leading us to a disastrous political, social and economic situation. The contempt that Sánchez shows for Israel is no less than the contempt he shows for Spain. That is why he has allied himself with all the parties that make hatred of Spain their particular flag. That is why he does not mind dirtying the image of Spain with his irresponsible acts and corruption scandals.

Many Spaniards are with Israel and against Hamas

There are many of us Spaniards who are clear about our choice between Israel and Hamas. There are many of us who support and admire a people who founded the only democratic State in the Middle East, the only one in which the Jews, Christians, women and homosexuals can feel truly free. There are many of us Spaniards who want to see a prompt and complete defeat of Hamas, which is the only way for there to finally be peace in the Middle East.

There are many of us Spaniards who think that there is nothing to negotiate with terrorists (neither with those of Hamas, nor with those of ETA nor with any other) and that no criminal gang deserves to have a Own state, neither in Nazi Germany in 1945 nor in the Gaza Strip ruled by Hamas. There are many of us Spaniards who support and love Israel and who join in its rejection of an anti-Semitic government, that of Pedro Sánchez, which does not represent us.

Am Israel Jai!
The People of Israel live!

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