The leader of Vox has accused the socialist govt of legitimizing terrorism

Abascal's excellent speech pointing out Sánchez's favors to Putin and Hamas

This morning, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, harshly responded to the speech of the socialist Pedro Sánchez in Spanish Congress.

A vice president of Sánchez's government openly calls to erase Israel from the map
Israeli minister points out difference between Abascal's and Sanchez's visits to Israel

Sánchez does not give explanations about his corruption scandals

In that speech, Sánchez has not given any explanation about his wife's scandal, limiting himself to blaming the opposition and the media for the information that gave rise to a judicial process for alleged crimes of corruption against Begoña Gómez. Furthermore, to cover up this corruption and the one that fully affects his party, Sánchez has once again soiled the image of Spain, placing it once again on the side of the allies of the Hamas terrorists.

His government rewards Hamas terrorists

Sánchez has announced the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, a scandalous reward to the Hamas terrorists for perpetrating the largest massacre suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust. An announcement made while a vice president of Sánchez's government openly called to erase Israel from the map, making it clear, once again, that Spain has the most extremist and anti-Semitic government in the European Union.

“Sanchez's Spain is the country that buys the most gas from Russia in the European Union”

Faced with that, the best and most resounding response that Sánchez has received has been that of Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, the third most voted party in Spain. In addition to addressing internal issues, in his speech Abascal criticized the diplomatic crisis caused by Sánchez with Argentina, and has denounced that Sanchez's international policy it is done "at the dictation and as a puppet of extremisms of narco-governments, theocracies and tyrannies in Latin America". The leader of Vox has recalled that those regimes with"Putin's allies, against which you are very angry here, but their alliances with Venezuela, with Cuba, with Iran and with all of Putin's allies are there."

Abascal has criticized that Sánchez has not withdrawn his ambassadors from those countries and has added: "they talk about Ukraine, they come here to talk about Ukraine, but of course, Russia's capacity to invade Ukraine has to do with the policy of socialists and populars in the European Union, with the policy of energy dependence that has weakened the European Union and has left it at the mercy of Putin and Russia. Sanchez's Spain is the country that buys the most gas from Russia in the European Union: 5.2 billion cubic meters from January to September, you don't want to talk about this either."

Abascal denounces that Sánchez did not withdraw the Spanish ambassador from Russia

The leader of Vox continued with these words: "The former president of German socialism and former chancellor Gerhard Schröder is an employee of Gazprom. Like many other popular and socialist people who have destroyed the energy sovereignty of Europe, attacking nuclear energy and becoming simple henchmen of Putin, and now they come here to be scandalized by what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. To support the Ukrainian people what we have to do is kick them out of the European Union, those who have left Brussels at the feet of Russia's horses and turning it into a totally dependent and defenseless union of states."

At that moment, Abascal asked Sánchez: "By the way: do you know who Marcos Gómez is, Mr. Sánchez?" Given the ignorance of Sánchez, the leader of Vox He added: "He only called him for consultations. It is worth remembering it here today, other spokespersons have already done so: he is the ambassador of Spain in Russia. He is still there. The War in Ukraine is not It has worried them as much as the references of a foreign president to the president's familyand to a possible corruption case that, by the way, we have taken to court and have appeared in person."

Sánchez “accepts Hamas' stories and figures”

Abascal also harshly criticized Sánchez's announcement about the Palestinian state: "You have unilaterally decided to recognize the Palestinian state. I am not surprised. Until recently there was a minister here, Mrs. Rego, who the other day made some very serious statements: he said that the Palestinian state from the river to the sea, that is, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean, that is, the disappearance of Israel, the destruction of IsraelThat's what you have in your government."

The president of Vox denounced that Sánchez "accepts the stories and figures of Hamas, as he has ended up accepting the story of ETA. Recently he said: what an outrage, they are going to talk about it again ETA, yes, it happened 10 years ago. Yes, and the Civil War is longer, and you continue with the refrain. That is your international policy in the Middle East, Mr. Sánchez: the legitimization of satanic terrorism. recognition of the Palestinian State right after October 7, despite those terrible images of rapes of women, of murders of parents in front of their children in cold blood, of murders broadcast through social networks, and you want tell Israel that it does not have the right to defend itself."

Abascal points out that Hamas is the obstacle to the two-state solution

Abascal continued by warning that "what Spaniards need to know is how Sánchez would act if a terrorist organization did the same thing against Spain and still had 130 Israelis, women, children and the elderly, in the Hamas tunnels. We already know how Sánchez would act: he would not defend either the Spanish or the interests of the Spanish, he would put himself at an unbearable equidistance."

The leader of Vox pointed out that "precisely the historical obstacle to the recognition of the two states has not been Israel: it has been precisely Hamas, those whom you are now going to reward retroactively Because in 2005 Gaza was handed over to the Palestinian National Authority. What has happened in Gaza after all this time with so much humanitarian aid and what have its applauders done? It's evident in matters of prosperity, in matters of respect for women and also in matters of respect for homosexuals, and it is appropriate that this should also be talked about, Mr. Sánchez."

Podéis ver aquí el vídeo completo de esta intervención de Abascal (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):


Photo: Vox Congreso.

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