Minister Albares has resorted to lies to start a crisis with Argentina

The cynicism of the Sánchez Govt: it insults Javier Milei and now it pretends to be offended

The socialist Pedro Sánchez has turned Spain's foreign relations into complete nonsense. Today he does it once again.

Javier Milei's forceful response to the defamation of a minister of Pedro Sánchez
Vox's Viva 24 event leads the left-wing to exhibit its allergy to ideological pluralism

Albares begins a diplomatic crisis with Argentina

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Albares, read this afternoon a statement in which he spoke about some "very serious words spoken today by Javier Milei" at Vox's Viva 24 event, words that according to Albares "exceed any type of political and ideological difference", stating that "are unprecedented". The minister has announced that he is calling to consult the Spanish ambassador in Argentina , withdrawing them "sine die".

The Spanish minister resorts to lies to attack Milei

Albares has lied stating that Milei has attacked "our democracy, our institutions and Spain", something that Milei has not done at any time during his entire stay in Spain. The minister added: "Mr. Milei, with his behavior, has taken relations between Spain and Argentina to their most serious moment in our recent history." Albares also "demands public apologies from Mr. Milei", and if he does not apologize, affirms that "we will take all the measures we believe appropriate to defend our sovereignty and our dignity."

Milei did not mention Sánchez or his wife in his speech this Sunday

All this theater comes after Spanish media published that Milei had called Sánchez's wife "corrupt", after Justice opened proceedings against her for an alleged crime of influence peddling. In fact, as you can hear in this video, from the point 20:00, referring to socialism, Milei said: "they do not know what type of society and country it can produce and what kind of people screwed to power and what levels of abuse it can generate, let's say, even when it has the corrupt woman, let's say get dirty, and take five days to think about it." In his entire speech, Milei did not mention Sánchez or his wife even once. If they are taken for granted, It's their problem.

An overacting that Sánchez has never done with Morocco

All this overacting in foreign policy has never been seen in the face of Morocco's lack of respect for Spain, not even in the face of the repeated claims of that African country claiming the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla as its own, nor in the face of insults to Spain from several leftist rulers in Latin America. Sánchez has allowed those countries to humiliate Spain again and again without responding.

The insults of the Sánchez government against Milei

We must remember that only 15 days ago, a minister of Sánchez, Óscar Puente, attacked Milei expressly citing him and implying that he was a drug addict, a very defamation serious before which the Sánchez government He did not apologize and limited himself to attacking Milei, and despite this Argentina did not withdraw its ambassador from Spain.

Just yesterday, la Socialist minister Diana Morant insulted Milei and the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, calling them "fascist". At this time the government has not yet apologized for this. Now, in an obscene display of cynicism, this government pretends to be offended by some words from Milei in which she did not even quote Sánchez.

Sánchez did not apologize for slandering Ayuso's brother

Let us also remember that in February and in an intervention in Congress, Sánchez called Isabel Díaz Ayuso's brother corrupt, directly slanderous words if we take into account that the two cases opened against him were archived, despite which Sánchez has not asked for forgiveness.

The left tries to impose its funnel law again

As is its custom, the left tries to impose its law of the funnel on us, which considers tolerable everything that socialists and communists do, no matter how lowly, undemocratic, insulting and violent it may be, and at the same time time reacts phlegmatically to anything the right says, as if we Spaniards who disagree with the left had restricted freedom of expression.

This international incident with Argentina has only one person responsible: Sánchez. He is the extremist politician who has dedicated himself to setting Spain's relations with Israel on fire, who has puppets of the Putin regime in his government and who receives praise from Hamas terrorists while aligns itself with the allies of that terrorist group in the UN.


Photo: Efe. Pedro Sánchez with his Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares.

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