The Spanish socialist government voted with Iran, Russia, Qatar, Syria and Turkey

The infamous text supported by the Sánchez government with the Hamas allies at the UN

The socialists are demolishing the rule of law in Spain and they also align us with the allies of the Hamas terrorists.

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The United Nations' contribution to Hamas disinformation and its bias against Israel

A resolution promoted by regimes allied to the Hamas terrorists

This Friday, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on Gaza in which it adopted a position of infamous equidistance between a democratic country like Israel and a terrorist group like Hamas. The text of the resolution was promoted, among others, by regimes allied to the Hamas terrorists, such as Russia, Turkey, Qatar and Venezuela, and by communist dictatorships such as Cuba and North Korea.

The resolution does not expressly condemn the Hamas terrorist attack

The resolution (can be read here) speaks of the "the 7 October 2023 attack", without citing Hamas and without saying that Israel was the one attacked. Likewise, the text condemns "all acts of violence aimed at Palestinian and Israeli civilians, including all acts of terrorism and indiscriminate attacks", but without expressly condemning the terrorist attack of Hamas, which has been the cause of this new war.

The text omits any reference to the more than 200 kidnapped by Hamas

The resolution also expresses its "grave concern at the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and at its vast consequences for the civilian population," but does not mention the civilian population of Israel massacred and continually attacked by Hamas (the rocket attacks from Gaza have continued since October 7) and it also does not mention the more than 200 kidnapped by that terrorist group. The text also calls for the "immediate and unconditional release of all civilians who are being illegally held captive", but does not say that Hamas is the one holding more than 200 Israeli civilians hostage.

An amendment to condemn the Hamas attack was rejected amid applause

On the other hand, the UN has noted that Canada proposed an amendment that "unequivocally rejects and condemns the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas" in Israel from on October 7 and the taking of hostages by that criminal group. The amendment was rejected amidst applause from representatives of several countries. This is what the UN has become: a place where refusal to condemn a massacre of civilians at the hands of terrorists is rejected with applause. One more day of shame for that organization.

Sánchez's government voted in favor along with Hamas allies

The infamous text received 120 votes in favor. Israel and 13 other countries (including the United States and four European countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary) voted against and 45 abstained. You can see the results here. The government of Pedro Sánchez committed the indignity of voting alongside the international allies of the Hamas terrorists: Iran, Russia, Syria, Qatar and Turkey, as well as other Islamic countries and communist dictatorships. An indignity that was also committed by the governments of Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Norway and Switzerland.

It must be taken into account that Sánchez is governing in office after losing the last general elections, and in these conditions he is letting Spain be dragged by the countries that support the Hamas terrorists, causing the shame of that the UN does not condemn the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. As a Spaniard I can only say that this government does not represent me and that we have one more reason to ask for his immediate resignation.


Photo: La Moncloa.

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