On the list there are regimes that did not condemn the Hamas attack

The list of governments that accuse Israel of 'genocide' and the shame of Spain

Many Spaniards have not yet realized the disastrous international position that Pedro Sánchez's government has taken against Israel.

Two ministers who rejected the European condemnation of nazism and communism now falsely accuse Israel of 'genocide'
Hundreds of jurists from 22 nations accuse Hamas of crimes of genocide against Israel

The only EU government with members that do not condemn the Hamas attack

In recent days, the far-left ministers Ione Belarra and Irene Montero have repeatedly accused Israel of "genocide". Montero has gone even further, claiming that Israel is committing a "planned genocide". While they launch slanderous accusations against Israel after having suffered the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, last Thursday we saw how the party of Belarra and Montero, Podemos, voted against the European condemnation of the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. To the shame of the millions of Spaniards who condemn Hamas's terrorism, Spain has the only government in the European Union formed by a party that has not condemned this terrorist attack.

Venezuela, Palestine, Iran and Turkey, the other four regimes on the list

It must be said that the government of Pedro Sánchez - which is responsible for these ministers remaining in their positions - is not the only government that has launched these false accusations against Israel, reflected in the international media. In the last two weeks these other governments have launched the same false accusation against Israel:

It is worth asking if these are the international references of the Podemos ministers in matters of terrorism and human rights. With their infamous statements in recent days, these ministers have brought Spain to the shame of being the only European country that slanders Israel after the massacre of October 7 and that aligns itself in foreign policy with regimes that openly support Palestinian terrorism. It will not take long to see the repercussions that this shameful position will have for Spain.


Photo: Efe. The communist minister Irene Montero with the president of the government of the government of Spain, the socialist Pedro Sánchez.

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