The things that socialists and communists forget in their 'historical memory'

Some historical facts you should ignore if you are a leftist and don't want to spoil it

Being leftist is more than an ideology: it is a way of feeling good about yourself by believing yourself to be morally superior to others.

20 historical facts that deny the idea of communism as the great enemy of fascism
The Nazi-Soviet joint parade of 1939 in Poland that some deny, in video

The easiest way to place yourself on a morally higher plane than the rest of society is to think that everyone who is not on the left is on the "extreme right", that is, to believe that they are something like a mix of Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and the Monopoli millionaire. It does not matter that they are democrats and tolerant, that they love freedom and that they reject all forms of dictatorship and violence: if someone does not declare themselves a socialist, progressive, communist or anarchist, for the left they become someone suspicious. If someone declares themselves a Christian, conservative, right-wing or classical liberal, then for the left they already become something like a cocktail of nazis, fascists and billionaires.

Nazis and Soviets jointly invaded Poland in 1939.

Of course, to reach those conclusions, which many left-wing activists display on social networks, it is better to know a little about history. If you decide to read a lot, you can find things as shocking for someone on the left as the fact that Nazis and Soviets invaded Poland together in 1939 (it was the consequence of a pact in which Hitler and Stalin divided up half of Europe, effectively becoming allies), or things like the existence of resistance movements that fought against the nazis and then against the communists (or even against both time).

Communist collaboration with Nazi Germany

Something that can directly short-circuit a person on the extreme left, and specifically if he or she has a communist ideology, is knowing that the French Communist Party sabotaged the French war effort against the German invasion of their country, and then try to reach secret agreements with the Nazi occupiers. It can also be very uncomfortable to know that the Communist Party of Spain defended the German-Soviet invasion of Poland, following the slogans of Stalin's dictatorship. In fact, in many countries occupied by the nazis, communist resistance did not appear until June 1941, after the German invasion of the USSR. Until then, Hitler and Stalin were allies.

Nazism, a nationalist socialism

Another thing that can be very annoying for a satisfied leftist is what some say about fascism being socialist. If you want to see something very similar to the girl from the movie "The Exorcist", you just have to remember that Hitler defended a nationalist socialism (national-socialism), an ideology that some prefer to cite only as "nazism" simply to avoid remembering the common denominator of this mass criminal with socialism.

Fascist Italy recognized the USSR before republican Spain

On the other hand, Benito Mussolini was a leader of the Socialist Party of Italy before founding fascism. Many leftists will be surprised to know that Fascist Italy was one of the first European countries to establish diplomatic relations with the USSR. It happened in February 1924, less than a year and a half after Mussolini came to power. To give us an idea, Spain did not establish relations with the USSR until July 1933, more than two years after the establishment of the Second Republic.

The friendship pact between fascist Italy and the USSR

A little after that, on September 2, 1933, fascist Italy and the USSR signed a pact of "friendship, neutrality and non-aggression", which remained in force until June 1941. As a consequence of that pact, Italy helped build six Kirov class cruisers for the Soviet Navy, which were laid down between 1935 and 1938, and the destroyer "Tashkent", laid down in 1937.

Stalin's contribution to the rise of Nazism in Germany

All this happened while Stalin laughed at many communists with the lure of "anti-fascism", used by the Soviet dictator to attack the German social democrats, in an operation of propaganda that was instrumental in weakening the Weimar Republic and facilitating the rise of the Nazis to power. A rise in which the communists had a great responsibility: in 241 issues voted in the Reichstag and in the state parliament of Prussia in 1929 and 1930, Nazis and communists voted together 70% of the time.

In fact, many German communists ended up joining the Nazi Party, after a successful campaign by him to accentuate his socialist and anti-capitalist traits. In the end, as I have already pointed out, nazism was a nationalist socialism: the communists only had to change their internationalism for nationalism to end up wearing a brown shirt and the red armband with the swastika.

But don't worry about any of this. If you are on the left, you will surely think that all this is "hoaxes" or "historical revisionism", why bother checking it? Being a convinced leftist is much more comfortable than reviewing historical facts that can spoil your deluded and happy vision of society. In case you want more information, here I link some related articles:

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Main photo: German and Soviet soldiers fraternizing in Brest, where their forces met during the joint invasion of Poland (colorized photo by Mirek Szponar).

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