The Spanish extreme left once again aligns itself with Palestinian terrorism

Pedro Sánchez's partners reject European condemnation of the Hamas terrorist attack

The Spanish far-left has been exhibiting a clear harmony with Palestinian terrorism. Today he exhibited it again in the European Parliament.

Attacks on Jews in Spain after the support of Sánchez's ministers for an antisemitic march
Israel condemns the alignment of Pedro Sánchez's ministers with Hamas terrorism

European Parliament condemns Hamas terrorist attack against Israel

This Thursday, the European Parliament has approved a resolution (see PDF) that "condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the despicable terrorists attacks committed by the terrorist group Hamas against Israel and expresses its support for the State of Israel and its people" and "reiterates that the terrorist organisation Hamas needs to be eliminated".

The resolution affirms Israel's right to defend itself

The text also calls for "the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages who have been taken by the terrorist group Hamas and for the bodies of deceased hostages to be returned", and recalls that em>"the taking of hostages is a violation of international law and constitutes a war crime". The text also expresses " its deepest sorrow and full solidarity with the innocent victims on both sides, their families and loved ones", and calls "for those responsible for terrorist acts and for violations of international law to be held to account."

The European resolution recognizes "Israel’s right to self-defence, as enshrined in and constrained by international law, and emphasises that the actions of Israel must therefore strictly comply with international humanitarian law."

A text approved with 500 votes in favor and only 21 against

As highlighted by the European Parliament, the text has been approved with 500 votes in favor, 21 against and 24 abstentions. You can see what each MEP voted for in this PDF (page 95). The only Spanish MEPs who have voted against have been those from the extreme left, specifically those from Izquierda Unida (Sira Rego), Podemos (Idoia Villanueva), Sumar (Ernest Urtasun) and Anticapitalistas (Miguel Urbán Crespo, who was elected by Podemos).

Sánchez's partners once again align themselves with Palestinian terrorism

Sumar, Izquierda Unida and Podemos are currently part of the Spanish government, headed by Pedro Sánchez. Thus, Spain has the only government in the European Union made up of parties that refuse to condemn the murder, torture and kidnapping of Israeli Jews by Hamas, a condemnation that all parties have supported. other political groups in the European Parliament. All this while Spain holds the current presidency of the Council of the European Union. It is impossible to imagine a more damaging image for Spain than the one this government is offering with its alignment with Hamas.


Photo: Europa Press. The communist Yolanda Díaz (leader of Sumar) with the communist Irene Montero (leader of Podemos). Both are members of Pedro Sánchez's government.

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