In an interview published on his website, he said he admired two terrorist groups

Russian ideologue Dugin called to "destroy Catholicism" and "organize assassinations"

There has been a lot of talk lately about Aleksandr Dugin, a character whose ideology mixes ingredients of fascism, communism and Russian nationalism.

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As a consequence of the ideological cocktail that he defends, Dugin equally attracts characters from all ends of the political map. His radical anti-liberalism is attractive to a certain right and a certain left that feel closer to Putin's Russia than to the West. That Dugin has admirers on the far left is not surprising, considering that he founded the National-Bolshevik Party, whose emblem was the hammer and sickle of communism placed on a flag very similar to that of the Nazi Party. What is very difficult to understand is that there are Catholics and conservatives from Western countries who revere him, and above all reading the things that Dugin has been saying, some of which are pure advocacy of terrorism.

Dugin wants to "destroy Catholicism" by strengthening Freemasonry in Poland

Let's see an example. On August 2, 2021, the website (listed in the Facebook profile de Dugin as one of his websites) published an interview with the Russian ideologue made in Moscow in March 1998 by the Polish journalist Grzegorz Górny, and translated into Spanish by Juan Gabriel Caro Rivera, a regular contributor to the far-left website Dugin's statements in the interview are very striking. Let's see some:

"It is necessary to destroy Catholicism from within, for this Polish Freemasonry must be strengthened, support certain decadent lay movements, promote a heterodox and anti-papist Christianity. Catholicism can never be absorbed into our tradition unless it acquires a nationalistic and anti-papist character. If Poland had had a lodge like the Irish Golden Dawn, with leaders like William Butler Yeats or Maud Gonne, who were Catholic, but also fanatical occultists inspired by Celtic culture, then there would be some hope for Polish Catholicism. Such people would be able to tear down Catholicism from within and reorient it towards something more heterodox and even esoteric. My friends in Poland tell me that all of your groups have connections to Telema or the ideas of Aleistair Crowley."

Imagine for a moment that any other person said things like destroying Catholicism and promoting Freemasonry and the occultism in a Catholic country like Poland. But as an anti-liberal Russian nationalist and who supports Putin's aggression against Ukraine says that, a certain right supports him. By the way, for those who don't know who he was, that Aleister Crowley Dugin quotes is considered the "father of modern satanism", a guy obsessed with the occultism and black magic.

One of Dugin's referents: the founder of the Leninist Cheka

At another point in the aforementioned interview, Dugin states: "I like all the Polish anti-Catholic currents: from Freemasonry and the Polish occultists to Jan Potocki, Hoene-Wroński, Mienżyński and Dzierżyński". As the notes at the end of the interview point out, the last two names Dugin refers to are of communist leaders. Feliks Dzierżyński was the founder of the Leninist Cheka, the sinister political police that dedicated itself to torturing and murdering multitudes of people in Russia for political reasons. In turn, Wiesław Mienżyński was president of the OGPU, Stalin's secret police, successor to the Cheka and predecessor of the NKVD, Stalin's secret police, responsible, among many other crimes, for the massacre of 22,000 Polish officers at Katyn in 1940.

Dugin's praises of Bolshevism, Lenin and Stalin

In the same interview, Dugin says: "I hope that Poland will join the forces of Eurasianism through a synthesis between the extreme right and the extreme left". Coincidentally, they are the two political fishing grounds in which the Kremlin's propaganda media try to attract followers, appealing to the common characteristics of both: their anti-liberalism, their anti-Atlanticism, their rejection of NATO and their anti-capitalism. Dugin adds: "Honestly it's a pity that Polish communism never had an esoteric aspect as it did with Russian communism."

At another point in the interview, Dugin states: "if I say unconditionally “yes” to Bolshevism, Lenin and Stalin, it is not because I consider their system to be ideal, but because at the time was the only solution we found. Of course, in the end this system also failed to work, but in our next attempt we will have to purify both Orthodoxy and Communism and thus reject all the elements that these two systems had in common. its interior and that led to the alienation of the nation. That is why our next expansion will go hand in hand with an orthodox-Eurasian, messianic, pan-Slavist and pro-Tatar communism."

Dugin's terrorist plans: "We must organize assassinations"

Later, Dugin sets out a purely terrorist roadmap: "Europe will soon have to choose between Eurasianism and Atlanticism, that is, Russia or the United States. If the European New Right he chooses, then he will choose the barbarians and he will have to adopt our methods of action. We must organize assassinations, carry out sabotage, set fires and blow up bridges. The true anti-globalism is destruction and terror."

In the same reply, Dugin adds: "Of course, it is necessary to read books, but that is not enough: we have to create guerrillas. If you want to fight against the New World Order you must take a knife, put on a mask and go out of your house at night and kill a yankee. That's why I admire the New Left, the Red Brigades or the Red Army Faction much more.". In case anyone has forgotten, the Red Brigades and the Red Army Faction that Dugin says he admires were communist terrorist groups.

Alexandr Dugin on a trip to Iran in 2020. On the left, among others, you can see the flags of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah (Photo: Alexandr Dugin).

Dugin was at an act in Iran next to flags of two Islamist terrorist groups

All these barbarities do not appear on a website of someone who intends to demonize Dugin. I repeat: it is all published on a website that belongs to the Dugin (here you can see an automatic copy in, and that interview, although it dates from 1998, was broadcast in Spanish last year. With these approaches, it is incomprehensible that this sinister man has been allowed to travel to Western countries during the last decades. And even more so considering that Dugin himself posted on February 21, 2020 some photos of his trip to Iran, in which he is seen speaking to the public in a room in which, among others, were the flags of Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

He has gone from proposing murders to suffering the murder of his daughter

Paradoxically, the same Dugin who encouraged to commit murders for terrorist purposes is the father of Daria Dugina, assassinated a few days ago in an attack whose circumstances are still clear (Russia has accused Ukraine, Ukraine accuses the Russian FSB, and a Russian partisan group has claimed responsibility). After spending six months murdering unarmed Ukrainian civilians, including children, Russia is using this crime as an excuse to cynically victimize itself. For his part, Dugin has described the murder of his daughter as a "tragic death", expressing his hope that it has "moved someone". Did he intend to say the same about the murders he proposed in that interview?


Photo: Alexandr Dugin.

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