This Sunday there is a demonstration against the amnesty in Madrid

Sánchez's coup to the Constitution must have a massive response in the streets

After months avoiding explaining the terms of his negotiations with his separatist allies, today Sánchez has taken off his mask.

There are 10 million culprits for the amnesty scandal and they should start noticing it
The Sánchez's betrayal of the rule of law and its effects: who will respect the laws?

Sánchez defends the amnesty to stay in power

In a meeting of the federal committee of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez has clearly said: "in the name of Spain, in the interest of Spain, in defense of coexistence between Spaniards, today I defend the amnesty in Catalonia for the events that occurred in the last decade", in reference to the separatist coup October 2017 and the serious crimes committed by the separatist leaders, crimes that Sánchez intends to erase to gain the support of the coup plotters and thus remain in power.

He confuses his personal interest with the interest of Spain

Today Sánchez has lied as he always does. He does not defend the amnesty in the interest of Spain, since the interest of Spain requires that constitutional legality be respected and the amnesty is prohibited by the Constitution, like Sánchez and his Ministers had previously recognized this opportunistic turn. If Sánchez does this it is exclusively for his personal interest and that of his party, with the sole purpose of retaining power after losing the elections in July, and making all Spaniards pay a very high price:the destruction of one of the pillars of our democracy, which is equality before the law.

The greatest act of political corruption in our democracy

Granting privileges to criminals to support Sánchez is a blatant act of political corruption, one of the greatest acts of political corruption that has been committed in our democracy. The PSOE has decided to become complicit in this blow to our Constitution, with everyone attending today's committee applauding Sánchez's announcement. The PSOE has shown today that it is a corrupt party and a threat to democracy in Spain, and that nothing good can any longer be expected from it.

This Sunday there is a demonstration called in Madrid

Of course, we Spaniards should not remain passive in the face of this attack on our democracy. This blow to the Constitution must have a massive response in the streets, like the one that occurred with the coup d'état of February 23, 1981 and the separatist coup of 2017. This Sunday, October 29 at 12:00 p.m. there will be a demonstration in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid, called by the DENAES Foundation and supported by Vox and dozens of associations. The Spaniards have a great opportunity to show their rejection of Sánchez's coup in the streets tomorrow, 24 hours after the announcement of that coup.

The Popular Party must attend that demonstration if it is true that it opposes the amnesty. If it does not, it will be exhibiting, once again, its lukewarmness in the face of a serious attack on our democracy, a lukewarmness that already exhibited before the separatist coup of 2017. We are risking the survival of the democracy and it is not the time to put political calculations above the interest of Spain. If Feijóo and the other leaders of the PP decide not to attend to that demonstration, they will be doing a great favor to Sánchez and his PSOE accomplices.


Photo: PSOE.

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