Sánchez, his party and his related media are not the only ones to blame for this

There are 10 million culprits for the amnesty scandal and they should start noticing it

What is happening in Spain, with a government that intends to amnesty the crimes of its allies, is a major corruption scandal.

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The responsibility of Sánchez, the PSOE and their related media

Pedro Sánchez has decided to put his personal interest above all else, adopting a measure that goes against the Constitution and is a violation of the rule of law, as it implies privileging criminals for the mere fact that their support is needed for Sánchez to obtain re-reading. The left-wing media subsidized by the government that supports this scandal are complicit in it, and they are especially so because they hope to continue obtaining economic favors from the left-wing government if it remains in power.

Obviously, Sánchez and his related media are not the only ones responsible for this brutal case of corruption, with which they are putting democracy and coexistence in Spain at serious risk, as the separatist criminals did before. those that the government intends to amnesty. Senior officials of the PSOE and all members of that party are also guilty of this, even those who are distancing themselves from Sánchez's position but without giving up their membership. If Sánchez does this it is because he has the support of his party , and PSOE members who do not want to be responsible for this should leave the party immediately.

The responsibility of the 10.8 million voters of the PSOE and Sumar

Beyond the ranks of the PSOE, if Sánchez and his government colleagues are committing this attack on the rule of law, it is because 10.8 million Spaniards voted for the PSOE and Sumar in the last general elections. These voters cannot claim ignorance about what they were voting for. Before starting to negotiate this amnesty, Sánchez granted pardons to the perpetrators of the 2017 separatist coup, despite the fact that they were not sorry for what they did and even publicly announced that they would do it again.

The lack of critical sense demonstrated by left-wing voters in Spain should be a reason for study, because they show to what extent millions of people can become complicit in the abuses committed by an autocrat like Sánchez. They have shown that they do not care about all the evil that the left does, because they continue to support it as if it were legitimate to trample on the rule of law, violate judicial independence, assault institutions and ruin the Spaniards as The Sánchez government has been doing it.

For years the left has treated millions of Spaniards as plagued

Regardless of what we have voted for, all Spaniards are going to have to pay the consequences of the irresponsibility of those 10.8 million. We have the right to protest about this and demand explanations from them. The least we can do is hold them accountable for their support for Sánchez, without wasting any opportunity. For years they have supported parties that have defended imposing sanitary cordons on their rivals, first the PP (with the Tinell Pact) and now Vox. It has seemed good to them to treat millions of Spaniards as if they were plagued, and the least we can do now is reproach them for it in any area in which we can talk to them. Someone will say that with this we could strain coexistence:

  • To strain coexistence is to ally with the political arm of ETA, with some fanatics who refuse to condemn the murders of more than 800 Spaniards (including children) and who call the terrorists "political prisoners" and They organize tributes.
  • Straining coexistence is allying yourself with communists, that is, with the members of a totalitarian movement that has caused more than 100 million deaths, totalitarians who today continue to support dictatorships criminals in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua or China.
  • To strain coexistence is to ally with the authors of the 2017 coup in Catalonia, with whom they wanted to break the unity of Spain and pit the Spaniards against each other, and now they also want their crimes to be erased as if nothing would have happened.

Sánchez has done all this and 10.8 million Spaniards have once again supported him. Those of us who do not have the opportunity to directly ask Sánchez for explanations can, at least, ask those who vote for him, in given that they are willing to support him despite all the damage he does to Spain. We cannot continue acting as if those 10.8 million PSOE and Sumar voters had no responsibility for this. Of course they have it, and they should start noticing it in their daily lives, giving explanations to those harmed by their vote.


Photo: PSOE.

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