And they are happening with the complicit silence of the European Commission

Leave Poland and Hungary alone: these abnormal things only happen in Spain

In Spain there is a curious custom between the left and the so-called centrism (the Popular Party) and its related media.

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This custom consists of comparing any democratic abnormality that occurs in Spain with two countries with conservative governments: Poland and Hungary. Obviously, no country is perfect, but what has become evident in recent years is that these two countries are being persecuted for ideological reasons by a European Commission that is increasingly less democratic and distant from its citizens, which seeks to impose on all Europeans the ideological agency of the members of that commission, made up of socialists and centrists.

Seeing the things that are happening in Spain, I dare to make a request to those who cite these two countries as if they were the devil: leave Poland and Hungary alone. Regardless of the opinion that each one has of the governments and customs of those two countries, there are abnormal things from a democratic point of view that only happen in Spain, and not in other countries of the European Union. I will quote some:

  • Spain is the only EU country that has communist ministers, that is, supporters of a totalitarian movement that killed more than 100 million people and that established more than fifty dictatorships. This does not happen in any other European country. We are the weirdos of the EU. In Poland and Hungary there are not even communist deputies in their parliaments.
  • Spain is the only EU country in which members of the government have justified attacks against political rivals. It happened in April 2021, when two ministers from the ultra-left Podemos party they justified attacks against members of Vox at a meeting held in Vallecas, Madrid. Something like this would be a scandal in any other European country, also in Poland and Hungary. Here in Spain, these two ministers are still in office and the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, did not even disavow them.
  • Spain is the only EU country in which its national government negotiates its re-election with the political arm of a terrorist gang, a far-left party that organizes tributes to ETA murderers and rejects tributes to his victims. The government of Pedro Sánchez has paid for the support of these philterrorists with constant favors and humiliations to the victims. It is something unthinkable in Poland and Hungary, where there are not even parties in their institutions that have links to terrorist groups.
  • Spain has the only EU government that is negotiating its re-election with a fugitive from Justice, Carles Puigdemont, who is also wanted by the Supreme Court for serious crimes related to the separatist coup of 2017. Something like this It would be unthinkable in Poland and Hungary.
  • Spain has the only government in the EU that is dedicated to changing the law to leave its parliamentary partners unpunishedafter having committed very serious crimes, through some pardons granted two years ago despite the fact that these criminals threatened that they would do the same thing again. In Poland and Hungary nothing like this has ever happened in all the years of democracy.
  • Spain is the only EU country whose government has accused a former president of being a "coup plotter" for defending the Constitution, something that happened this week, while the government is dedicated to preparing a new attack on the constitutional order with an amnesty law to gain the support of its separatist partners.
  • Spain is the only country in Europe in which children cannot be educated in the national language in one part of the country, specifically in Catalonia, because in that region the separatist partners of Pedro Sánchez have established un linguistic regime more radical and exclusive than that established by Apartheid in South Africa, discriminating against the majority of the population of that region, whose usual language is Spanish. In Poland and Hungary something like this would be unthinkable.
  • Spain has the only EU government president still in office after it was shown that he plagiarized his doctoral thesis, evidence that was published five years ago. In any other country in Europe that would imply an immediate resignation, also in Poland and Hungary. Instead, Sánchez continues in office and also vetoed a law that would force him to publish his thesis.

All this, just like the Sánchez government's attacks on judicial independence are occurring in Spain in the face of the absolute silence of the European Commission, of which members are part of the Party of European Socialists, to which the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez's party, belongs. This silence from the European Commission is a sign of complicity with what the Spanish government is doing, and the president of the commission, Ursula von der Leyen, should give explanations for why she remains silent in the face of all these facts.


Foto: La Moncloa.

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