They openly exhibit the impunity granted to them by the socialist government

Pro-ETA partners of Pedro Sánchez pay tribute to an ETA terrorist

Spain has the only government in the European Union that seeks the support of a political party that openly praises terrorists.

After announcing its support for Sánchez, Bildu votes against a tribute to Miguel Ángel Blanco
The favors to ETA for which Pedro Sánchez does not want anyone to talk about those terrorists

Pedro Sánchez, currently acting president of the government, intends to be renewed in office thanks to the support of EH Bildu, a party that refuses to condemn the assassinations perpetrated by the terrorist group ETA and which also pays tribute the members of that criminal organization. The most recent of these tributes took place yesterday in the Casco Viejo of Bilbao. The honoree was Maite Pérez Sever, an ETA terrorist killed in 1987 when handling a bomb. In this case, the tribute was openly disseminated by Sortu, a member party of the EH Bildu coalition and to which the coalition spokesman, Arnaldo Otegi.

They present a gang that murdered 58 women and girls as 'feminist'

One of Sortu's official Twitter accounts yesterday published the video of this tribute, a video that was also posted on her Instagram account, along with a text in which she states: "We are on the path taken by so many women fighters like Maite, together with the Basque socialist and feminist people". It is especially infamous that Sortu pays tribute to an ETA terrorist in a feminist key, taking into account that that criminal gang murdered 58 women and girls.

The proetarras exhibit the impunity that Sánchez grants them

This tribute to an ETA terrorist took place the same day that the socialist María Chivite renewed her position as president of Navarra thanks to the abstention of EH Bildu. The case of Navarra is just a precedent for what is to come in Congress, since Pedro Sánchez needs Bildu's support to continue in government. A support that until now has received in exchange for turning a blind eye to the tributes to terrorists by pro-ETA activists.

With these tributes, EH Bildu exhibits the impunity that the Sánchez government grants them and their servility towards the demands of their far-left associates, and reveals the desire of the socialist president to remain in power at whatever price.

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