The pro-ETA party once again reveals its alliance with the socialists

After announcing its support for Sánchez, Bildu votes against a tribute to Miguel Ángel Blanco

EH Bildu, Pedro Sánchez's parliamentary partner during the last legislature, has once again portrayed his position on ETA terrorism.

The favors to ETA for which Pedro Sánchez does not want anyone to talk about those terrorists
The Pedro Sánchez's debt to a party that has 44 terrorists as candidates

Bildu blocks an institutional declaration of remembrance to Miguel Ángel Blanco

According to Vox communicated this Friday, at the Board of Spokesmen of the Parliament of Navarra Bildu has blocked a statement institution that proposed "remembering the memory of Miguel Ángel Blanco", a Popular Party councilor assassinated by ETA in 1997, and "thanks to the Security Forces and Bodies and the concern about money laundering to the terrorist group ETA". The declaration had been proposed by Vox, but with its vote against it, Bildu vetoed it.

"EH Bildu has once again humiliated Miguel Ángel Blanco and the rest of the victims of ETA terrorism", denounced the spokeswoman for Vox in the Parliament of Navarra, Maite Nosti , who recalled that in the last local and regional elections, Bildu's electoral lists included "44 people convicted for their membership of ETA". Nosti pointed out that the points included in the institutional declaration proposed by Vox embodied "principles that we citizens who are within the law share", and in reference to Bildu has affirmed: "if they are within the law, we do not understand what worries them."

Bildu has never condemned the crimes of ETA

It must be remembered that since its foundation on June 10, 2012, EH Bildu has never condemned the crimes of the terrorist group ETA and has repeatedly refused to pay tribute to its victims. In addition, has criticized the arrests of ETA terrorists and insists on calling the ETA members who have been imprisoned "political prisoners". In addition, it has dedicated itself to organizing tributes to members of ETA, a criminal gang that has murdered 853 people, including 20 children, and whose crimes have caused 6,389 injuries and mutilations, according to official data from the government of Spain.

This Wednesday Bildu announced that he would support the investiture of Sánchez

This new pronouncement by Bildu, portraying his position on ETA, is known two days after the pro-ETA party announced its support for the investiture of Sánchez, even before the socialist candidate and current acting president of the government to initiate a round of contacts between the different parties. The coordinator of Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, has said that his support for him will materialize "without setting a price or red lines in public". In other words, they will impose their conditions in private, as they have done on other occasions.

The only government in Europe allied with sympathizers of a terrorist group

These facts come to highlight the scandal of that Spain has the only government in Europe that has as an ally a party that sympathizes with terrorists, in addition to being the only European government with communist ministers and also the only one that seeks as parliamentary allies political leaders convicted in a final sentence for trying to subvert the rule of law to break national unity, during the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia. It should be remembered that Pedro Sánchez repeatedly said that he would not agree with Bildu, but in the end he has broken his word, putting his desire to stay in power at all costs ahead.

The infamies that the socialists have done so as not to lose the support of Bildu

Pedro Sánchez's alliance with Bildu has led the PSOE to allow itself to be dragged along by the pro-ETA on various issues. In October 2018, a few months after Bildu supported the motion of no confidence that brought Sánchez to power, the PSOE voted with Bildu in favor of legalizing the crime of glorifying terrorism, as well as the insults to Spain and the insults and threats to the Armies and Security Forces.

In November 2021, PSOE voted alongside Bildu in against prohibiting tributes to ETA terrorists, and this while the Socialists boast of "democratic memory" and support for the victims. Likewise, in April 2022, the PSOE tried to prevent the European Parliament from accusing ETA of crimes against humanity, an accusation that would allow ETA's 379 crimes even without resolve do not prescribe in any case. We will soon find out what more infamy the socialists are willing to do so as not to lose the support of a party that refuses to condemn the murders, I repeat, of 853 people, including 20 children.


Photo: EH Bildu.

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