Of those 44 ETA members, seven were convicted of committing murders

The Pedro Sánchez's debt to a party that has 44 terrorists as candidates

This week, the Spanish left has once again made it clear who they feel more comfortable with and more in tune with on the political map.

The Spanish Government seals its budgets with a group that pays tributes to terrorists
Fabio Moreno: the 2-year-old boy killed by ETA terrorists with a bomb

44 ETA terrorists will be candidates for EH Bildu

Yesterday, COVITE denounced that EH Bildu has 44 ETA terrorists in his candidacies for the local elections on May 28, and seven of them were convicted of murders. This is a scandalous fact, and even more so taking into account that EH Bildu has been the parliamentary partner of the government of Pedro Sánchez since 2020, when he negotiated his budgets with that party, causing a serious scandal.

Irene Montero defends Bildu and says it is "democratic"

Yesterday the Minister of Equality de Sánchez was asked what she thought about the presence of those ETA members, and particularly those seven murderers, on the lists of that government partner party. Irene Montero defended Bildu saying that it is a "democratic" party and she did not make the slightest criticism of the presence of these terrorists in their candidacies. Here the video (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

The minister called ETA victims who are part of Vox "fascists"

Let's remember that just a few months ago, Irene Montero called Vox a "band of fascists". Vox is a democratic party that does not have anyone convicted of terrorism or murder on its lists. What's more: Vox not only does not have anyone convicted of these crimes, but also that party has Santiago Abascal as its president, who received death threats from ETA and he was forced to live with an escort for years because of it. Let us also remember that one of the founders of Vox is José Antonio Ortega Lara, who was kidnapped by ETA and spent 532 days in a hole.

Let us also remember that among the Vox deputies are victims of ETA such as Francisco José Alcaraz, whose nieces and brother were assassinated by ETA on December 11, 1987, and Antonio Salvá, whose son was killed by ETA on July 30, 2009 using a sticky bomb. Also in the ranks of Vox are Juan de Dios Dávila, whose brother was murdered by ETA on June 21, 1993 by placing a car bomb, and Ana María Velasco Vidal-Abarca, whose father was shot dead by ETA on January 10, 1980 when he was taking two of his four daughters to school.

Sánchez, who also called Vox "fascist", is silent before the 44 Bildu terrorists

Yesterday, when journalists asked Sánchez about the killer candidates de Bildu, he did not want to make statements. In other words, the president of the Spanish government has nothing to say about the fact that his parliamentary allies file terrorists as candidates. Obviously, he is silent because it depends on them to remain in power. It is the same Sánchez who has called Vox a "fascist", referring to a democratic party in which victims are members of ETA terrorism.

Sánchez's debt with Bildu: without its support he would no longer be president of the government

The government of Pedro Sánchez has been talking about "democratic memory" to talk about a war between Spaniards from 80 years ago, but it feels more akin to the party that leads 44 terrorists than to a party in which its victims are members. The PSOE and Podemos are two parties stained by the infamy of having formed the first government in Spain to ally with those who do not condemn ETA terrorism, an indelible stain to which are added their insults to the victims.


Photo: PSOE.

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