Will the EU keep quiet about this humiliation for the victims of terrorism?

The Spanish Government seals its budgets with a group that pays tributes to terrorists

The coalition government made up of socialists and communists in Spain completed yesterday a colossal affront to thousands of victims of ETA terrorism.

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EH Bildu announces its support for budgets

Two months ago the vice president of the Government, the far-leftist Pablo Iglesias, met with EH Bildu to get his support for the public accounts. Yesterday Arnaldo Otegi, who was convicted of participating in a kidnapping of the terrorist group ETA, announced the support of his party, EH Bildu, for the General State Budget (PGE) presented by the Government.

Pablo Iglesias praises EH Bildu and adds it to the "State leadership"

Yesterday morning Pablo Iglesias celebrated "the availability of the EH Bildu" to support the public accounts and even presented this support as a reinforcement of the "investiture block" with EH Bildu, which according to him will be "of the legislature and of the State leadership". In other words, the socialist-communist government considers that Arnaldo Otegi's group becomes part of the government bloc.

The Government transfers five ETA terrorists after the announcement of EH Bildu

Likewise, this Wednesday, after learning about EH Bildu's support for the budgets, the Government authorized the transfer of five prisoners from the terrorist group ETA to prisons in the Basque Autonomous Community. Among the beneficiaries of this new government measure of grace, clearly linked to its negotiations with EH Bildu, are Mikel Azurmendi Peñagaricano and Maite Pedrosa Barrenechea, convicted of the murder of PP councilor Alberto Jiménez-Becerril and his wife Ascensión García. In total there are already 103 ETA prisoners, including 25 with crimes of blood, transferred by the Government of Sánchez.

EH Bildu does not condemn ETA terrorism and pays tribute to terrorists

These events, which have been harshly criticized by organizations of victims of terrorism, are extremely serious and demonstrate the threat that exists to the rule of law in Spain. EH Bildu is a group that refuses to condemn ETA terrorism and pays tribute to terrorists imprisoned of that criminal gang. In the Basque Parliament, they have even described these terrorists as "freedom fighters" and "political prisoners". What would happen if in any other country the Government negotiated its accounts with a party that praised the terrorists of Al-Qaeda or ISIS in this way?

The PSOE and Podemos supported legalizing the apology of terrorism

That the Government of Spain agrees its budgets with a party like that is an insult to the victims of ETA and an affront to the rule of law. That infamous pact also threatens to lower compliance with the law to please the terrorists and their accomplices. Two years ago the parties that now govern -PSOE, Podemos and Izquierda Unida- voted together with EH Bildu in favor of legalizing the crime of apology for terrorism, asking to repeal a criminal offense that -in addition- punishes "the carrying out of acts that discredit , disparagement or humiliation of the victims of terrorist crimes or their families." While "hate crimes" of all kinds are being prosecuted, the Spanish left demands impunity for those who extol terrorists and humiliate their victims.

Does the EU have something to say about this infamy?

Faced with this dangerous drift of the Spanish Government, what is the European Union doing? Is Brussels going to censor the alliance of the socialist-communist government of Pedro Sánchez with a filoterrorist group? Or perhaps the EU leadership considers that such infamy is not in contradiction with the European values that are so widely talked about when it comes to lashing out at conservative governments like the Hungarian and Polish? Of course, if they can say anything in Poland and Hungary, it is that their governments do not negotiate their public accounts with those who extol terrorists. It is scandalous that this does happen in Spain and Brussels says absolutely nothing.


Photo: Europa Press.

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