Catalan Separatism ignores its own ban on gatherings of more than 10 people

Catalonia: separatism supports a plague that was more lethal than this pandemic

Catalan separatism is a movement that does not respect the most basic rules of coexistence. Now he doesn't even respect his own sanitary rules.

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The separatist government prohibited gatherings of more than 10 people

With the second wave of the pandemic hitting Spain –we are the third country in the world with the highest incidence, just behind Peru and Argentina-, the regional government of Catalonia, in the hands of separatism, established on August 28 a "ban on meetings of more than ten people, both in the public sphere and in the private sphere" for a period of 15 days, a measure that came into force with the publication of that resolution in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia on August 29. That limitation of 10 people for all types of meetings expires on September 13.

Separatism ignores its own prohibition and organizes demonstrations

Breaking its own prohibition, separatism organized yesterday more than a hundred demonstrations that were not prevented by the regional government, in order to celebrate September 11, Catalonia Day, as if nothing happened. The Government of Quim Torra decided to make an exception to its sanitary regulations with the separatists, as if supporting that ideology grants you legal privileges against other citizens and immunity against the pandemic. It has been a gesture of irresponsibility and an intolerable discrimination based on ideology for which the Catalan Government should be brought to Justice.

Separatism embraces the "red plague"

In case that exhibition of privileged treatment wasn't enough, yesterday separatist groups exhibited their support for a totalitarian ideology that has killed more than 100 million people, a degree of lethality achieved by very few pandemics in the history of mankind. That is why in Poland they know it as the "czerwona zaraza" (the red plague). In the demonstration organized yesterday in Barcelona by the far-left separatists of Arran, communist symbols were openly displayed, as we can see in these photos published by that group and by L'Accent:

Far-left separatism and its communist alliances

Due to lack of information, some citizens of other European countries believe that separatism only seeks for Catalonia to be free against a Spain that is presented as oppressor. The reality is that separatism seems bent on turning Catalonia into a copy of Enver Hoxha's communist Albania. That is why Catalan separatist groups maintain good relations with far-left separatist parties in other Spanish regions, such as the Basques of Bildu (who support the Cuban communist dictatorship) and the Galicians of the BNG (who, in addition to supporting the Cuban dictatorship, invite his rallies to a communist terrorist group such as the PFLP). We must remember that no communist movement has made its country freer: that ideology has only spread oppression, death, and misery.

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