More than 100,000 Polish women, aged 4 to 80, were raped by the Soviets

That's how the 'liberation' of Poland by the Red Army was: the mass rapes of girls and women

WARNING: The content of this post can be upsetting for the reader. Indeed, I have thought seriously whether I publish it, but what happened must be remembered for respect to the victims.

Translation by Ángel Manuel García Carmona

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"Use force and break the racial pride of these Germanic women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill!", stressed Soviet propagandist Ilyá Ehrenburg during the II World War. Red Army soldiers pay obeisance to that by far. A horrible piece of information has reached too broadcasting: two million of German girls and woman were raped by Soviets. Albeit, it less known the mass rapes of Polish women and girls by the Red Army, to which some people attribute the "liberation" of Poland, when in reality they came to remove a dictatorship (Nazi) to put another (Communist).

The awful scene that Zygmunta Goworka saw in Gołąb

Last April, "Czerwona zaraza" (The red plague), a book in which Kaliński Dariusz talks about the war crimes perpetrated in that country by Soviet Soldiers that in theory came to liberate Poland, was published in Poland. After savagism of Nazis against Poles, a new horrific situation came: Kaliński reports Soviets killed dozens of hundreds of Poles, and also talks about the massive rapes of Polish woman. An example of it is the disturbing testimony of Zygmunta Goworka, a soldier of Narodowe Sily Zbrojne (National Armed Forces, a group of the Polish resistance that fought against Nazis and Soviets that distributed Poland among themselves in 1939. I copy there the translation of a testimony published by Paweł Łukasz Kolecki, member of the Poland First to Fight association, in his Facebook profile:

"On the afternoon, we arrived to the village of Golab, near to Radom. What happened there was difficult to imagine. When we entered to the first house it gave us goosebumps. On the floor an 8 years old girl with the clothes dragged and clearly raped in group lied, as Red Army heroes used to do. Her legs were partially tripped from its place. On the bed, there were an old men sticked with a bayonet, and in front of there, in the corner, a scared 30-35 years old women was observing (…). I went out the house because the smell of the blood and which I saw there caused vomits to me. In a corner of the house I saw a men sticked in a fence, the husband of the women still was alive. Alongside there was an elderly-aged women with the head destroyed."

Stalin and Soviet commanders allowed the rapes

Joanna Ostrowska and Marcin Zaremba pointed out, regarding this topic, that all the Soviet commanders allowed these behaviors in "all the levels, including the highest". Both authors added: "Revenge against the enemy was undoubtedly one of the reasons for the rape. However, it does not explicate the rape of woman prisoner of death and forced-work camps". Many massive Soviet rapes against Polish woman took place during the Winter Offensive of 1944-1945 in Kraków, Poznan, Chzestochowa, Biala and Radomsko. Juan E. Plüger signals in Cracow "calculus done by the Soviet delegates designed by Stalin established the 10% of women older than 13 years old had been raped by Red Army soldiers". These same delegates sent a letter to Stalin asking him for disciplinary measures against the authors of the crimes, but Moscow did not replied.

In Olsztyn all Poles between 9 and 80 years old

In Poznan there were cases of Soviet Soldiers that asked young Polish woman for help to assist the wounded, to rape them finally. In a letter sent by a Pole woman from Gdansk, on 17th April 1945, the author comments she was one of many people with Polish nationality that after Nazi horror had wait with hopefulness for the arrival of Red Army, but she began to be afraid to hear many woman had been raped until 15 times. This Pole was raped 7 times by Soviet on the same night, in presence of her father. More terrible, in quantitative terms, war which Ostrowska and Zaremba signaled that happened in Olsztyn: no Polish women between 9 and 80 years old was free of being raped. In some cases, the grandmother, the mother and the daughter from the same family were raped, and sometimes, rapes were committed in group by at least a dozen of soldiers taking turns.

Rapes did not finished with the end of the war

Woman rapes by Soviets even finished with the end of the war. In June 1945, in the rail station of Bydgoszcz, a Soviet soldier attempted to rape a 20 years old gal. Because of the fact that she resisted, the soldier knifed her with his bayonet, in front of her mother. There were also cases of Soviet soldiers incursions to rap Polish woman, like what happened in Debska Kuznia, on the last days of June 1945, when 268 Poles were raped. A Katowice inhabitant that was backing home testified when the train stopped in the station, "Russian Soldiers began to pursue woman. I was captured by three soldiers who raped me". In Silesia no women could feel safe anywhere and in any moment: Soviet soldiers committed rapes "in ditches, countries and forests, stealing and hitting and sometimes killing", pointed out Ostrowska and Zaremba. On 25th June, 1945, in the province of Cracow, the Police reported two Soviet soldiers with automatic weapons killed by shooting a 4 years old girl. Besides, there were a flood of kidnappings and rapes of Polish girls by Soviet soldiers, most of those in the spring and the summer of 1945, but also along 1946 until 1947, pointed out Ostrowska and Zaremba.

More than 100,000 rapes that provoked a pandemic of STI in Poland

According to the estimations of Polish Government, more than 100,000 Polish woman and girls were raped by Red Army. Some of them were used as sexual slaves by Soviet commanders, others were forced to prostitute for satisfaction of Soviet troops. In addition, that flood of sexual rapes provoked a pandemic of sexual transmission infections that affected to the 10% of Polish population. In Masuria, the 50% of Polish woman were infected. In Tuchola, a town of Pomeranian Voivodeship that has 13,000 inhabitants nowadays, there were 1,700 people infected because of Soviet soldiers’ rapes in 1945. Additionally, they also raped -and then killed- Polish nuns; some of them were raped until 50 times.

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  1. ledifnia

    I recommend two very good movies on this topic: Innocents and The Woman of Berlin

  2. Robert shutty

    Horrible… would like to spread this to all people

  3. More should be published on the subject of the German and Russian invasions of Poland

  4. sindento

    No-one is saying 2 wrongs make a right but there is no mention of the estimated 1,000,000 children with German fathers in the east being the product of rape.Typically 10% of rape victims become pregnant,therefore there were a minimum of 10,000,000 rapes committed in the east,a staggering number that caused untold pain and trauma.The Russians were obviously vile but the Germans were equally,or more so,as deranged as them.

  5. Birgit Annelore Brubacher

    Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
    what happened during the Wars in the past is so horrifying, so sadistic, so sad, that words cannot describe it. All is allowed in Love and in War, is a German saying, but what it entitles can be seen from what has been written above.

    Let me tell you, I am German but very proud of my hard-working Ancestors. My dad’s grandfather came from Nancy in France, he was French, Name was Petry. My mother’s Ancestors came from Poland, Polish Jews, Name was Jablonski.

    I am very happy to have such Ancestors!!!
    Greetings from Germany, Birgit Annelore Brubacher.

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