The separatism is intoxicating with falsehoods to Spanish and foreign media

Facts against the lies of Catalan separatists: what many media do not explain you

The trial of the politicians who led the secessionist coup on October 1, 2017 is being surrounded by numerous lies by separatist politicians and their related media.

Catalonia: this is what some Spanish and international media almost never explain
Political prisoners? No: prisoners for harassing the Civil Guard and destroying three vehicles

I propose to answer with data the main lies that the separatists are launching, and that some foreign media are spreading without taking the trouble to contrast them. It is about lies that do not resist the slightest comparison with reality.

Lie # 1: “It is a political trial because voting is not a crime and defending independence, neither”

This was said by Oriol Junqueras, president of Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña, on February 14, 2019 (see video). Coupists are not judged for voting. In the current Spanish democracy the Catalans have voted freely on 48 occasions (13 general elections, 12 elections to the Parliament of Catalonia, 10 municipal elections, 7 elections to the European Parliament and 6 referendums). In addition, throughout Spain there are several legal parties that are separatist: in the Parliament of Catalonia there are three (PdeCAT, ERC and CUP). Nobody is arrested in Spain or for voting or asking to break the unity of Spain. In fact Junqueras is accused of sedition, rebellion and embezzlement of public funds for violating the Constitution, laws and court decisions (see source) in order to achieve the separation of a part of Spain.

To do this, he and other separatist leaders called a referendum without having powers to do so, a referendum that was banned by the Constitutional Court for being illegal (see resolution). That referendum was also made by usurping exclusive functions of the Spanish Government – to which Article 92 of the Spanish Constitution exclusively confers the competence to call referendums – and illegally using personal data and taxpayers’ money.

Lie # 2: “There has always been a civic, peaceful and exemplary behavior”

Words of the president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras (see video). In fact, the Civil Guard has accredited before the judge 315 acts of violence committed by the separatists in their secessionist process (see source). These acts include 193 road and railroad cuts in Catalonia and 122 attacks on Civil Guard barracks and direct attacks against agents of the State Security Forces and Corps. One of the most graphic violence cases occurred on September 20, 2017 in Barcelona, when separatist mobs destroyed several vehicles of the Civil Guard, stealing backpacks from the agents and even stealing weapons.

Lie # 3: “In which country has happened that when you were voting they sent you the police to beat you?”

Words of the Catalan regional president, the separatist Quim Torra, in mid-January at Stanford University (see video). As I have already pointed out, the Catalans have voted 48 times legally, freely and peacefully in the current democratic regime. The Police do not persecute or beat anyone in Spain for going to vote in legal and democratic elections. What is not considered normal in any democratic country is what happened in Catalonia: some politicians supported by less than half of the population (47.8%) wanted to impose their will on the rest, suspending the validity of constitutional rights and freedoms, disobeying judicial sentences and skipping the legal channels of reform of the Constitution that all Spaniards, including Catalans, massively supported in a legal and democratic referendum. What separatism did is not called democracy: it is called a coup d’état.

Lie # 4: “To hold the referendum did not cost anything to the taxpayers”

Words of the president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, again (see video). In reality, last November, in a report addressed to the Fourth Court of Instruction in Barcelona, the Civil Guard accredited that the Catalan regional government diverted more than 4 million euro of public funds to that referendum. A referendum that had been banned by the Constitutional Court, as I have already pointed out above. That is to say, that public funds were allocated to an openly illegal act, organized in a direct disobedience to a judicial sentence.

Demonstration in defense of the unity of Spain in Barcelona on October 12, 2018. Catalans who feel like Spaniards have staged massive mobilizations against separatism. Despite this, the separatist leaders usually speak of the “Catalan people” as if only 47.8% of Catalan separatists were Catalans.

Lie # 5: “We are facing an act of revenge against a people that decided to decide, an attack on democracy”

Words of the Catalan regional president, the separatist Quim Torra, about the trial of the coup-makers (see video). In reality it was not the Catalan people who called that illegal referendum: that was done by the separatist politicians who had the support of less than half of the population (47.8%). The separatists usually refer to the “Catalan people” as if all the Catalans were separatists, but the reality is very different. In the last Catalan regional elections, the most voted party was Ciudadanos, which defends the unity of Spain (see results). The separatist parties (JUNTSXCAT, ERC and CUP) added a 47.5% of votes: less than half. Likewise, Catalans who feel like Spaniards have made massive demonstrations in Catalonia in defense of the unity of Spain.

Torra does not have the right to speak on behalf of all Catalans as if they were all separatists. The real attack on democracy is that the separatist politicians believe they have the right to impose their will in violation of the laws, judicial rulings and the Constitution that 90.46% of the Catalan population supported. Attack on democracy is that Torra speaks of Catalans who are not separatists as if they were not Catalans. By the way, in a racist article written in 2008 Torra called “beasts” to Catalans who speak in Spanish, which is the language of 55.14% of Catalans, according to a study by the Catalan government.

Lie # 6: “Self-determination is not a crime”

It was the motto of a rally called by the separatists in favor of the accused in the trial for the coup of October 1 (see video). The statement is clearly false if it applies to the Catalan case. Catalonia has never been a colony and, therefore, has no right of self-determination. The Secretary General of the UN affirmed it in 2015. In Catalonia there is no indigenous ethnic group submitted by an invading people. Catalonia has been part of Spain for more than 500 years, as an integral part of its territory. The Catalans have the same rights as the rest of the Spaniards, except that the separatists do not allow the children to be educated in Spanish in Catalonia and, in addition, they impose linguistic fines for labeling shops in Spanish, a discrimination against the speakers of Spanish that is dangerously similar to the linguistic Apartheid imposed in South Africa decades ago.

Currently, Catalonia is an autonomous community that enjoys one of the highest rates of self-government in the entire European Union. It even has its own Police force, with broad powers. When separatism says “self-determination” means secession, and declaring the secession of a region implies violating the law in force in Spain. When this secession is made by resorting to violence, as we have seen, we are facing a clear crime of rebellion. The Catalan separatists were warned by active and passive that what they intended was illegal, and decided to ignore all warnings. In no democratic country is it admitted that a politician has a free bar to bypass the law and judicial rulings. A politician who violates the law must pay for it. And if he has also instigated other people to rise up against the rule of law, the punishment must be especially severe.

(Photo: A massive demonstration of Catalans in defense of the unity of Spain, carrying Spanish and Catalan flags, on October 27, 2017 in Barcelona)

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