The Spanish left exhibits antidemocratic attitudes to obtain impunity

Sánchez's 'reflexion' gives way to a wave of leftist pressure on judges and media

Spanish socialism has been demanding leaders who had undemocratic and violent attitudes for years.

The real reason for Sánchez's victimizing letter using his wife as an excuse
The antidemocratic attitude of historical socialists whom the PSOE still claims

A left-wing agitation campaign with clearly undemocratic attitudes

With this, the Socialist Party (PSOE) not only intended to whitewash its dark past, but also to indicate what it is capable of when things are not done to its liking. What is happening in the last few hours in Spain is clear proof of this. After Sanchez's decision to "reflect" until Monday, opening the door to his resignation, the left has launched an agitation campaign in which clearly undemocratic attitudes are being exhibited.

Asking that Sánchez take control of judges and media from TVE

The objective of this campaign is easy to deduce: they seek to guarantee total impunity for the socialists involved in the corruption scandals. And to achieve it they are willing to do anything. This morning, a participant in a Spanish Television talk show asked Sánchez to take control of Justice and the media: "We must act immediately," she stated.

On the same channel, paid for by all taxpayers and controlled by the government, journalist Silvia Intxaurrondo attacked the media that have uncovered the scandal involving Sánchez's wife, saying that they are "web pages that are lying" and complained that "there are politicians here who point out "to other politicians, journalists who point at politicians, politicians who point at journalists in parliament." She added: "someone should stop." Interestingly, none of that bothered the left when it was the left that did it.

The far-left resorts to the antidemocratic recipes of Hugo Chávez

In the same line of pressure on judges and the media, the deputy Ione Belarra, leader of Podemos, omitted any criticism of the socialist corruption scandals and opted for an infamous conspiracy theory, attributing this matter to a "coup strategy by the political, media and judicial right wing". Accusing the political opposition, the media and judges of being a "coup plotter" for doing their job of controlling political power is not something new: it is the same thing that Hugo Chávez did to liquidate democracy in Venezuela.

This afternoon, the extreme left leader made her intentions clearer: Belarra stated that "the democratization of the judiciary and the media is a democratic urgency." In case anyone wants to know what concept of democracy their party has, let's remember that Podemos has links with dictatorships like Venezuela and Iran, has repeatedly voted against condemnations of the repression in Venezuela on the democratic opposition, and its founder stated that the mere existence of private media "attacks freedom of speech". Likewise, and in case anyone has forgotten this detail, Hugo Chávez also appealed to "democratic control of the media" to justify his assault on press freedom.

Attacks on the judge and his daughter from a pro-government radio station

Some media related to the Sánchez government have taken another step in this agitation campaign. This afternoon, the socialist radio station Cadena SER launched itself to point out the judge who has opened proceedings against the Sánchez's wife, trying to discredit him and stating that he has a daughter who is a councilor for the Popular Party. Does having a daughter who is a PP councilor disqualify someone as a judge, perhaps?

A pro-government newspaper attacks judges and critical media

Another media outlet close to the government, the socialist newspaper El País, attacks today in its editorial against judges and critical media, pointing to "certain judges who attempt to exercise from their courts the legislative or executive power that they do not have" and complaining about "the perverse effects of disinformation dedicated to personal destruction". This sounds like a macabre joke considering that El País launched a fierce campaign of attacks against Rita Barberá, former mayor of Valencia, who died in 2016 after being subjected to a brutal media lynching by the left and without having a single judicial conviction against her.

This has only been the beginning

All of this that we have just seen is happening less than 24 hours after Sánchez's announcement yesterday. What has been announced as a "reflection" has become a wave of pressure on judges and journalists in the first of the five days that the socialist president has decided to leave Spain in an interim situation , in a strategy of victimhood to silence the corruption scandals that surround him. Everything seems to indicate that the intensity of the slander from the left will increase in the coming days, in a new fight against two of the pillars of democracy: independent Justice and free media. Without independent judges and free media, Spain would be a dictatorship. That is precisely what socialists have established in countries like Venezuela. Let's not forget it.


Photo: PSOE.

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