It is news from France that may have made him very nervous

The real reason for Sánchez's victimizing letter using his wife as an excuse

At the moment, the news par excellence in Spain is that Pedro Sánchez has published a letter announcing his possible resignation.

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The letter, published on his Twitter account, is a crude exercise of victimhood with which he tries to cover up the scandals that affect his wife by resorting to a conspiracy theory according to which "a coalition of right-wing and far-right interests" (the leftist version of Franco's "Judeo-Masonic collusion") they would have made up those cases against her. The reality is that there are very solid cases that indicate an irregular use of La Moncloa as an agency to obtain favors. For a single case like that, any president of the government of another European country would have already resigned.

Instead, Sánchez resorts to victimhood and has no plans to resign even remotely. Today's letter from him makes it very clear: he wants to reduce everything to an operation against him. he has been able to trample on the Constitution, judicial independence and the rule of law to stay in office, and now he is not going to abandon it because scandals are being uncovered that affect him and his wife he.

However, it must be said that I do not believe that this letter is motivated by the opening of proceedings in a Madrid Court against Sánchez's wife, following a complaint from the Manos Liminas union. The opening of proceedings does not mean much in judicial terms. It is the usual procedure when a complaint for a crime is received. You have more information about it here. Yes, It is news because the accused is the wife of the president of the government and because, possibly, this could give rise to a judicial procedure that ends up confirming possible crimes of influence peddling and corruption.

However, I do not believe that Sánchez's letter was motivated by that news about the judicial proceedings. In this I fully agree with what has been published what lawyer Lupe Sánchez points out a few minutes ago: here's something else. And what could be something more? Well, it doesn't have to do with today's news, but with yesterday's news.

This Tuesday, the newspaper El Mundo published that the National Court has reopened the "Pegasus case" about the spying on Pedro Sánchez's cell phone, after receiving information from France following a European Investigation Order (OEI). The matter had been archived since last year, and the government did not show special interest in moving this issue forward.

This issue of spying on his cell phone could seriously affect Sánchez, especially considering that a European Union commission named Morocco as responsible for that espionage. If it finally came to light what Morocco found on Sánchez's cell phone, all the scandalous concessions of the government to that country would be exposed, and we would be facing a scandal infinitely greater than those affecting the Begoña Gómez.

These assignments include Sanchez's scandalous change in Spanish foreign policy on Western Sahara, betraying the UN mandate; the purchase of Russian oil through Morocco (a fraud that Sánchez knew about, despite which he kept silent); and the inexplicable dissolution of an anti-drug unit of the Civil Guard in the region of Campo de Gibraltar, a controversial decision that benefited Morocco, which is the world's leading producer of hashish in the world and that in 2021 legalized cannabis, from which hashish is derived.

This scandal would make Begoña Gómez's irregularities look ridiculous, and the worst thing for Sánchez is that the case has been reopened with information from France, a sign that they could be exposing him from that country, whose government has always had a great influence on Spanish politics. Maybe that explains Sánchez's haggard appearance this morning, as can be seen at the photo that heads these lines, published by the PSOE. Sánchez knows well which of the two cases can cause his fall, and his victimization operation with his wife's scandal could simply be an excuse to shield himself from the real scandal that could cause his fall.


Photo: PSOE.

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