Pro-government media lie about a communication from three rapporteurs

The truth about the hoax that says that the UN rejects the Spanish concord laws

In the same week in which the Spanish left accuses right-wing media of spreading "hoaxes", that is what the left has done.

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This morning, the socialist newspaper El País published a news story with this misleading title: "The UN urges Spain to adopt “the necessary measures” against the PP and Vox concord laws." Immediately, other media outlets close to the government, as well as left-wing politicians, have spread that statement. What is true in it?

The UN General Assembly did not even examine the laws of concord

To begin with, the UN has not rejected the Spanish concord laws. To approve this rejection, a session of the General Assembly on that issue would have to have been convened and the rejection in question would have to have been approved by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting, which is how UN resolutions are approved. The General Assembly has not dedicated a single session to the Spanish concord laws, so to attribute the rejection of these laws to the UN, as El País has done today, is to deceive people .

The text in question is the work of three rapporteurs of the Human Rights Council

The rejection in question has been communicated by three special rapporteurs of the UN Human Rights Council in a communication sent to the government of Spain (can be read here) based on information provided by the government itself, without the autonomous governments of the regions in which these laws have been approved were even consulted.

The special rapporteurs are not even UN staff

About the special rapporteurs, the UN website itself published an explanatory note about them in 2023: "The Special Rapporteurs work on a voluntary basis, they are not UN staff and they do not receive a salary for their work." Thus, the newspaper El País and other media are attributing to the UN a writing whose authors are not even UN staff.

A Council of which four communist dictatorships are part

On the other hand, that Human Rights Council is made up of 47 states, while the UN is made up of 193 states. On the other hand, it is worth asking which countries are among those that maintain these rapporteurs in their functions. Currently, in said Council are communist dictatorships such as China, Cuba, Eritrea and Vietnam, undemocratic regimes that violate human rights and at the same time claim to be in that Council to protect them.

In that Council there are countries that persecute Christians and punish homosexuality with death

To get an idea of the peculiar idea of human rights that this Council has, among its members there are 15 countries that persecute Christians for their faith, as I denounced here in January. I also pointed out then that among the members of that Council there are three countries that punish homosexuality with the death penalty.

The blatant bias of that Council when issuing resolutions

The bias of that Council when issuing condemnations in relation to human rights is evident. In 2018, UN Watch denounced that this Council condemned Israel 68 times and not once did dictatorships such as China, Cuba, Vietnam and Venezuela, nor to an absolute monarchy like Saudi Arabia, a country that violates religious freedom and seriously discriminates against women.

Taking into account what we have just reviewed, it is not only a lie that the UN has rejected these concord laws (in fact, Russia has laws that persecute those who condemn the crimes of communism< /a> and the UN has not issued any condemnation in this regard, in addition to maintaining Russia in its Security Council), but in addition, this communication from the rapporteurs of said Council is flawed from its origin, not even having requested information from the other parties involved, something that makes clear the irregular procedure followed to issue the statements made in that text.

One of the rapporteurs who signs the text was invited by the IU communists to Congress in 2018

For the rest, I think it is necessary to remember that one of the rapporteurs who signed that communication, the Argentine Fabián Salvioli, was invited by the communists of Izquierda Unida to speak in Spanish Congress in 2018 (perhaps that is why it is difficult to find a single criticism of the Cuban communist dictatorship, for example), and during his speech, among other things, he demanded the repeal of the Amnesty Law of 1977. No one paid attention to him and no one then published that the UN asked to repeal that law. Lies have very short legs.


Photo: United Nations Photo.

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