This year, its Human Rights Council includes 4 communist dictatorships

15 countries that persecute Christians 'watch' for human rights at the UN in 2024

For years, the UN has been the subject of criticism for its repeated inconsistencies in its activities with respect to its founding principles.

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An example of this is the scant respect for human rights shown by many of its members, even those who are part of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Among them there are usually dictatorships that violate human rights, regimes that persecute Christians, countries that condemn homosexuality with the death penalty, countries that discriminate against women for the sake of Islamic law, etc. All this without the majority of politicians and the media making any criticism about it.

The list includes 15 of the 50 countries that most persecute Christians

On January 1, the UN Human Rights Council announced its members for this year . There are a total of 47 countries. Among them are 15 of the 50 countries that most persecute Christians in the world, according to the list published in January 2023 by the NGO Open Doors. These countries are the following (their position on the list of countries that most persecute Christians appears in parentheses):

  • Somalia (2)
  • Eritrea (4)
  • Sudan (10)
  • Maldives (15)
  • People's Republic of China (16)
  • Algeria (19)
  • Vietnam (25)
  • Cuba (27)
  • Morocco (29)
  • Bangladesh (30)
  • Indonesia (33)
  • Qatar (34)
  • Malaysia (43)
  • Cameroon (45)
  • Kazakhstan (48)

Among the countries mentioned, there are three regimes that carry out extreme persecution against Christians: Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan.

Four communist dictatorships at the UN Human Rights Council

On the other hand, among those countries that will "watch over" (that is to say) human rights at the UN in 2024 there are four communist dictatorships: Eritrea, People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Cuba. These undemocratic regimes are among those that most violate the principles included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , approved by the UN in 1948.

The list also includes three countries that punish homosexuality with death

Likewise, among the countries that appear this year on the UN Human Rights Council there are three that admit the possibility of punishing homosexuality with the death penalty: Qatar, Somalia and the United Arab Emirates, all three according to the dictates of Islamic law.

The UN itself accused communist China of "serious human rights violations" in 2022

It is worth asking with what credibility the UN can speak about human rights while entrusting its surveillance to countries that violate them, even to countries that have been subject to dictatorships for decades. Let us remember, for example, that in 2022 the UN itself accused communist China of "serious human rights violations" against the Uyghurs, an ethnic group against which this dictatorship is perpetrating crimes of genocide.


Photo: Patrick Gruban. The UN General Assembly in New York.

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