They demand actions against him for remembering Article 8 of the Constitution

The communists start hunting the dissident in Spain: the case of deputy Hermann Tertsch

The far-leftists of Podemos and the United Left (IU) have not yet occupied the ministries that have agreed with the socialists of the PSOE, but have already begun hunting for the dissident.

The communist allies of the Spanish socialists want the EU to persecute the anti-communists
Socialists and communists vote against a condemnation of political persecution in Cuba

Pablo Iglesias launches serious accusations without giving names and claims to the Prosecutor's Office

Yesterday the far-left newspaper published an interview with Pablo Iglesias, whom he presents as "next vice president of the Government." In it, the leader of Podemos accuses "public officials of the far-right" to make "calls to the Armed Forces to overthrow the Government," but he says no name. In the following paragraph he adds this: "If so, I understand that the Prosecutor's Office will have to act. If there is a MEP who says that the Spanish army has to intervene to overthrow the Government to leave the Congress of Deputies, perhaps you must request a request to judge this man because this is enormously serious."

The IU communists launch a false accusation against a Vox MEP

In case there was any doubt as to what MEP was referring Iglesias, today the same far-left newspaper notes that United Left has asked the European Parliament "to act against Hermann Tertsch for calling the Army to 'interrupt' the investiture of Sanchez." I quote what the headline says, which is openly a falsehood, as you can see by reading the own tweet of the Vox MEP that embeds in its news:

"These days it seems that all of Zapatero's accomplices from the ETA terrorist Otegi to the communists Iglesias and Garzón strive to make the application of Article 8. inevitable so that the Armed Forces interrupt an obvious coup-blasting process of Spain as a nation."

Precisely what Hermann Tertsch simply remembered is what Article 8 of the Constitution says: that the Armed Forces have the mission of "guaranteeing the sovereignty and independence of Spain, defending its territorial integrity and constitutional order." The reminder is not over, in view of the plans of some to exceed the constitutional order and even break the unity of Spain. In fact, Tertsch refers to a "coup d'etat blasting process of Spain as a nation", and does not speak of investiture. That the communists confuse one thing and the other is, in fact, very revealing of the plans they have in their hands.

Only two days ago the European Parliament proclaimed as a deputy a prisoner for sedition

Incidentally, it is especially grotesque that IU communists ask the European Parliament to act against a deputy who has recalled a constitutional article in the face of any possible coup d'etat, two days after the European Parliament proclaimed as a deputy a criminal in prison convicted of sedition, as well as Carles Puigdemont, former president of the Catalan Government who is in Belgium escaped from the Spanish Justice, who has accounts pending with him for his participation in the separatist coup of October 1, 2017. In fact, the last October, IU coordinator, Alberto Garzón, defended the granting of pardons to those involved in that coup. And these are the ones who accuse Hermann Tertsch?

Last year IU included in its program that the EU persecuted anti-communists

To the above, it should be added that in its program for the European elections of 2019, IU proposed that the European Union pursue "anti-communism", equating the rejection of communist ideology with racism and xenophobia. It should be remembered that in September 2017, the European parliamentary group of Podemos and IU issued a statement rejecting the equation of communism with national-socialism, before the project of the Estonian presidency of the EU to organize a European summit in memory of the victims of both totalitarian ideologies. The statement from the far-left group said: "the fact that the Estonian government chose to focus on 'Communist crimes' clearly shows an intent to use the institution of the rotating EU Presidency for ideological purposes."

The anger of the group of Podemos and IU against the European condemnation of the crimes of communism

On September 19, on the occasion of the resolution of condemnation approved by the European Parliament against the crimes of communism and national-socialism, the same parliamentary group of IU and Podemos, GUE-NGL, issued another statement accusing the EU of "historical revisionism" and of having an "obsession on ideology and undemocratic governance by falsely equating communism with the evils of fascism." Both IU, founded in 1986, and Podemos, founded in 2014, have never condemned the crimes of communism, a totalitarian ideology that has killed more than 100 million people. Moreover, both IU and Podemos have extolled a communist dictator like Fidel Castro. In addition, the Union of Communist Youth of Spain (UJCE), a member organization of IU, has on its website texts of two of the greatest genocides in history: the Soviet Stalin and the Chinese Mao Zedong. Against which the European Parliament should act is precisely against these nostalgic of a totalitarian ideology that has sown the world of death, oppression and misery.


Photo: Europa Press. The communist Alberto Garzón, coordinator of the United Left, and the far-leftist Pablo Iglesias, president of Podemos. Both hope to be part of the new socialist-communist government headed by Pedro Sánchez.

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