They equate the rejection of communism with racism in their electoral program

The communist allies of the Spanish socialists want the EU to persecute the anti-communists

If you reject a totalitarian ideology that has sown the world of dictatorships, causing more than 100 million deaths, then the allies of the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez have a gag for you.

The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries
Socialists and communists vote against a condemnation of political persecution in Cuba

Extremists who supported the investiture of Pedro Sánchez in 2018

One of the Spanish candidacies who attend the European elections on May 26 is Unidas Podemos Cambiar Europa. It is a coalition between the far-leftists of Podemos and the communists of Izquierda Unida (IU), the electoral brand created in 1986 by the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) to disguise its totalitarian past. The PCE was the representative of Stalinist communism in Spain, following the dictates of Moscow to the point of justifying the Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland. At present, it continues to praise a dictator as bloodthirsty as Lenin and supporting the Cuban communist dictatorship. The most alarming thing is that after the elections on May 26, it is very possible that the Socialist Party seeks the support of those left extremists to govern: in fact, they already supported the motion of no confidence that led the socialist Pedro Sánchez to power in June 2018.

A direct attack against freedom of speech and ideological freedom

The extremism of these communists leaves no room for discrepancy. The IU website has published its program for the 2019 European elections (see PDF). This is what appears in the first paragraph on page 28: "We demand respect for the rights of minorities and persistent action against racism, xenophobia, ultranationalism, chauvinism, fascism, anti-communism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and any other form of discrimination." That is, for IU to criticize communism is something that should be pursued like racism. It is not the first time that Izquierda Unida proposes to suppress any discrepancy of its ideology: five years ago IU already included that proposal in its program for the European elections of 2014, almost with the same wording as the 2019 program. Obviously, the proposal of IU is a direct attack against freedom of speech and ideological freedom, rights protected by the Spanish Constitution.

They propose a "democratic memory" that omits communist crimes

Another of the similarities of the 2019 program with that of 2014 is that IU proposes "the preservation of the democratic memory in the EU", but that "memory" omits any mention of the crimes of communism, already condemned by the Council of Europe. Already only including the USSR and the countries that were subjected to communist dictatorships in Central and Eastern Europe after the Second World War, we would be talking about figures such as the following:

In total there are more than 24 million deaths, to which we should add other crimes such as mass deportations or the rape of 100,000 Polish girls and women by the Red Army. All this is simply forgotten in the proposal of "memory" of IU. The last straw is that while they omit any reference to communist crimes, they propose a "cultural, educational, political and social struggle against historical revisionism." Does this include the communist denialism?


Photo: Pedro Sánchez, leader of the PSOE, shaking hands with the communist Alberto Garzón, coordinator of Izquierda Unida, in the Spanish Congress.

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