A review of the infamies that the PSOE did to obtain the support of Bildu in Spain

The favors to ETA for which Pedro Sánchez does not want anyone to talk about those terrorists

Pedro Sánchez went to the Spanish Senate yesterday, where he made a colossal exhibition of moral misery in relation to the scandal of the Bildu candidacies.

The last farce of the ETA terrorists: the 44 continue in the candidacies of Bildu
The Pedro Sánchez's debt to a party that has 44 terrorists as candidates

The infamy of Sánchez against the parties of Miguel Ángel Blanco and Ortega Lara

In a statement from his seat, Sanchez said without blushing: "ETA ceased to exist, except for the Popular Party and Vox." Perhaps he was so absorbed in his desire to silence the scandal of the 44 terrorists in the Bildu candidacies at any price that he did not realize that he was referring to the party of Miguel Ángel Blanco Garrido, a murdered councilor by ETA of two shots in the neck in 1997, and the party of José Antonio Ortega Lara, victim of the longest kidnapping committed by ETA, which kept him in a hole for 532 days, where he had already been abandoned to die when he was rescued by the Civil Guard.

Perhaps he has forgotten, but many Spaniards are well aware that Sánchez is ruling with the support of those who still do not condemn the murder of Blanco Garrido nor the kidnapping of Ortega Lara, with a gang of scoundrels that they call the terrorists who committed these crimes "political prisoners".

He betrayed his promise not to agree with Bildu and now he does not want anyone to talk about it

Let us remember that Sánchez, who yesterday had the shamelessness to accuse the opposition of "using terrorism", said that he would not agree with Bildu, something he repeated over and over again before coming to power. Here in Spain the one who uses terrorism, to lean on those who refuse to condemn it, is Sánchez and his party, the PSOE, and not only does he have the audacity to betray his commitments not to agree with Bildu, but also he does not want us to talk about it, as if what was wrong was not agreeing with ETA sympathizers, but talking about ETA when Bildu has 44 terrorists from that criminal gang in his candidacies, in an intolerable taunt against their victims.

A 'historical memory' in which you cannot talk about ETA

Also, yesterday Sánchez said about the PP and about Vox: " When in Spain ETA is NOTHING, for them ETA is EVERYTHING." This is said by the same person who, 47 years after Franco's death, uses him as a wild card for everything. Curiously, in his "historical memory" one can talk about Franco but not about ETA, one can talk about the crimes of a war that ended 84 years ago (unless they are crimes committed by members of political parties). of the left, including the PSOE), but does not want to hear about ETA's crimes.

Sánchez's favors to the ETA sympathizers to obtain their support

Obviously, Sánchez does not want to hear about ETA so that he can continue agreeing with those who do not condemn these crimes, with those who also organize acts of homage to the terrorists who committed them, some tributes that Sánchez has refused to punish, because doing so would leave him without the parliamentary support of those who carry out these acts of humiliation against the victims, and for Sánchez there is nothing more important than remaining in power at any price. Let us also remember that his government, which has folded its arms in the face of these tributes to terrorists, it prevented a tribute to the police and civil guards who fought against ETA a year ago.

On the other hand, there are 379 murders still unresolved, for which their victims continue to demand Justice. Last year the PSOE voted against the EU investigating these murders as crimes against humanity, a measure that would prevent those crimes prescribe and that their perpetrators go unpunished.

Sánchez calls the impunity of the political arm of ETA "defeat"

After all that, yesterday Sánchez had the audacity to attribute the "defeat" of ETA to the PSOE, when what the PSOE did was allow the political wing of ETA to sneak into the democratic institutions without asking for forgiveness or condemning their crimes, without bringing the escaped terrorists to justice and without helping to clarify ETA's crimes still unresolved. An impunity that was guaranteed by a Constitutional Court controlled by the PSOE, which was the one that legalized Bildu in May 2011. And all this was done by the PSOE when the Police and the Civil Guard already had ETA on the ropes, when they could have put an end to that criminal gang without any political concessions.

Sánchez can now sit and wait for us to shut up about all this. We are going to continue talking about ETA and his pacts with ETA's friends, pacts that make him the only president of government in Europe whose ally is a party that does not condemn terrorism, to the shame of millions of Spaniards and for the humiliation of the victims of that criminal gang. He and his party have no moral scruples of any kind and also want no one to criticize them for it. Well, they're going to be left wanting. We have not put up with decades of ETA terrorism in Spain to shut up now simply because the PSOE needs the support of the terrorists' political wing to remain in power.


Photo: PSOE.

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