A desperate attempt to ease the barrage of criticism of their PSOE allies

The last farce of the ETA terrorists: the 44 continue in the candidacies of Bildu

The scandal of the 44 ETA terrorists in Bildu candidacies today had a new episode in theater.

The Pedro Sánchez's debt to a party that has 44 terrorists as candidates
Spain: Vox calls for the annulment of Bildu's candidacies with terrorists and its outlawing

Media related to the government affirm that the murderers are removed from the lists

Some media have published today that the seven terrorists convicted of murders that appear in those candidacies would have "resigned". A media outlet close to the government of Pedro Sánchez, the ultra-leftist daily Público, affirms that "they renounce the electoral lists" . Another medium very close to the government, the ultra-left digital daily Eldiario.es, assures that these terrorists "withdraw from the lists"

It's a lie: the 44 terrorists continue in the Bildu candidacies

We are before a new farce of the terrorists. The 44 members of ETA, including those seven convicted of murder, continue in Bildu's candidacies. The deadline for renouncing to be part of a candidacy has already passed. Simply, the only thing they say they will do is not take office if they are elected. Personally, I do not give any credence to the word of seven assassins.

For the rest, the other 37 convicted of belonging to the terrorist group ETA continue to be candidates for Bildu. The latest attempt to reduce the seriousness of the presence of these 37 terrorists in these candidacies consists of stating that most of them were members of the political wing of the terrorist band. The reality is that successive court rulings have proven that this political arm was part of a terrorist gang that murdered more than 800 Spaniards, and it did so both by pointing out targets to the assassins and by giving them financial support and publicly justifying their crimes.

A desperate attempt to ease the barrage of criticism of their PSOE allies

What today's announcement seeks is simply to alleviate the pressure that the PSOE is suffering due to its perverse pacts with Bildu, a pressure that is harming the Socialists due to their eagerness to ally themselves with those who do not condemn terrorism of ETA, turning them into partners of the government. Spain has the only government in Europe that is allied with a party that refuses to condemn terrorist attacks. And that won't change because seven assassins say they will resign if elected. In fact, today in the Senate, Pedro Sánchez has not ruled out agreeing again with Bildu despite all the criticism.

For the rest, let us remember that Sánchez is the general secretary of the PSOE, a party that has been trying to impose anti-democratic vetoes on a democratic party like Vox, in which victims of ETA are members such as José Antonio Ortega Lara, Francisco Jose Alcaraz and Antonio Salva. The president of Vox himself received death threats from ETA for years. This attitude of the PSOE portrays its absolute immorality.

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