A journalist from that channel took that hoax to the Moncloa press conference

The hoax of La Sexta and the government of Pedro Sánchez to accuse Aznar of “coupist”

In Spain, the government of Pedro Sánchez and its related media continue to organize propaganda campaigns, shamelessly trampling on the truth.

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The government spokesperson accuses Aznar of “coupist”

This afternoon, at a government press conference, the minister spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, has harshly attacked the former president of the government José María Aznar, accusing him of making statements that "resemble more to anti-democratic and coup-like behavior' than "to those typical of a former president".

A very serious accusation from a minister already fined for breaking the law

These words, launched from an official government press conference, constitute a very serious accusation that had never been made by the government against a former president of the government in Spain. It so happens that the minister who made that accusation is the same one as a month ago was fined by the Electoral Board for breaking the law, by using two government press conferences for partisan purposes in the pre-campaign of the local and regional elections on May 28.

A journalist from La Sexta said that Aznar called for a “national rebellion”

It should be noted that this serious accusation by Isabel Rodríguez was a response to a journalist. You can see that journalist's question in the following video starting at point 35:38 (I have inserted it so that it starts playing at that moment):

As we see, that journalist attributed to Aznar a call for a "rebelión nacional" (national rebellion), pronouncing these two words slowly to imply that it was a literal quote. The journalist in question is Esther Redondo, from La Sexta, one of the media closest to the Sánchez government. This same afternoon, that channel has insisted on attributing those words to Aznar in a news article published on its Web.

Aznar did not utter those words: La Sexta has invented it

Did Aznar utter those words that La Sexta attributes to him and that have motivated this slanderous accusation by the government? To find out, just watch the video of the event in which Aznar gave the speech in which, according to La Sexta, he said those words , specifically the opening session of the FAES Campus. The intervention of the former president of the government begins at point 1:08:23 of the video, I have inserted it so that it begins there:

As can be seen, Aznar never used the expression "rebelión nacional": it is a hoax from La Sexta. Those words do not appear in the written version of the speech published by FAES (see PDF), which was what Aznar read during his speech. On the contrary, what Aznar did do was an impeccable defense of the constitutional order and the rule of law, and a call to contribute to that defense, with these words:

"The dilemma we face is simple but dramatic. We know the values, the attitudes, the decisions that brought our country historical success in democracy. If we destroy those values, if we deny those attitudes, if If we give up on those decisions, the result will be failure.

I believe that Spain accumulates civic energy, institutionality and national critical mass to prevent this project of constitutional deconstruction, that this project of national dissolution is consumed. But it is necessary to activate all those energies that, within the framework of a democratic struggle and affirmation of the rule of law, have to stand up with all the determination, to a plan that wants to end the Constitution because the Constitution It is seen as an obstacle to materializing their ambition for power by that irresponsible and unsupportive left that denies democratic, free and equal citizenship.

It will not be the first time that the strength of Spanish society is put to the test. Involution, terrorism, sedition have sought to frustrate our will to coexist.

Well, we must say again, Enough is enough! Spain cannot and will not return to a system based on exclusion, sectarianism, or the programmed destruction of the nation."

It is the government that negotiates with the author of a blow to the Constitution

Let's observe the Orwellian drift that Spain is taking: a former president of the government who calls to defend the constitutional order and the rule of law is accused of being a "coup plotter" by the same government that is negotiating his continuity with a fugitive from Justice, with the main ringleader of the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia, a coup that was intended to undermine the constitutional order and the rule of law. And furthermore, that government has shown itself willing to accept a demand from that fugitive, the amnesty, which is openly unconstitutional.

If someone is exhibiting coupist attitudes in Spain, it is not precisely Aznar, but rather the government that is negotiating to destroy the Constitution at the hands of those who have already tried to suspend it in a part of Spain. That this government accuses the person it calls to defend the Constitution of being a "coup plotter" is not only a serious slander, for which Aznar should appeal to the courts (against the government, against La Sexta and against that journalist), but also an exhibition of cynicism on the part of Pedro Sánchez's executive, whose accusation against Aznar is a description of what the government itself does,

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